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Good. I woke welcome into the podcast. Former major league outfielder matt holliday and matt. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing. I'm good how are you men doing doing great so many different things i love to talk to you about. Let's start here with the giants. And the dodgers will be able to hang on or will the dodgers catch them. The giants have held all year. When people kept thinking they were gonna fall in dodges having given up. who's going to win this division. Because it's a big thing matt as you know the team that doesn't win division. The plan a one game playoff could get knocked now. Yeah i mean. I think all along thought the eventually the dodgers roster would catch the giants and especially when they a acquired sherzer and trae turner. It almost seemed like a matter of time. Before the dodgers take giants. There just seems to be something special going on with this giants team. And and i think you look at the leadership and the play of buster posey in and crawford this year and i noticed both of them left a game. Last night was some sort of injuries. Which i think could end up playing a big part of it does seem to be more severe than maybe initially thought. But i would say the dodgers have a better roster but it seems like They have a hard time catching these giants. No i'm with you. It just seems it's incredible where they are. Let me ask you about the padres. The padres were might pick coming in that they would win a division part of it was the dodgers have won at eight years in a row. You know what i mean. It's really hard to do that. And i liked the roster that the padres have but they've fallen on hard times now now. They're struggling to be able to overtake the cincinnati reds for that final playoff spot. They're not out of it but they gotta start winning soon. What do you think out. Padres dead can get back in this. Well obviously the pitching injuries. have taken a toll. They've had mix and match in the rotation a lot lately they've had do. The spot starts bullpen games. And those are tough games to win. I think if they can get a couple more there guys healthy. I definitely liked the roster compared to the other teams that are vying to that. Wa- wildcard spot. I think they stand out to me as the favourite But they got to get it going soon. you know they. They should have the offense that helped him carry the load a little bit. But right now they're just not getting enough pitching in the rotation. There studs aren't going deep enough into the games to get on any kind of role so it is a bit concerning and as well as the reds are swinging the bat. But i would say if. I had to bet i'd i'd say the padres end up in. That wildcard spot on guest is meant holiday. Former major league outfielder who broke him with the colorado rockies at two hundred ninety nine career home runs finished his career with the rockies as well played other places. But you play. The outfield left field. the padres. Put ts in the outfield trying to save his shoulder. Keep them in the lineup. Is it easy to make that transition or is he athletic enough and good enough that he'll be able to do it without hurting that team. I think he'll be fine. I mean when you talk about an athlete young athletes. He runs really well. He could throw has great strength. I think it'll be a pretty pretty easy transition for him knowing that he's a son of a major leaguer i'm guessing. He grew up chugging balls in the outfield major league. Stadiums and running balls down. And i'm guessing. Has some experience playing outfield. so i think he'll be fine. I don't think that's an issue. I think he's one of those guys. That was some some some time under his belt which he has about a little over a month a seasoning. I think if they do make it into the playoffs they should be just fine having him in the outfield. And and i'm interested to see what happens with that. Long-term he has led the league in errors. He's made somare's shortstop and a piece more comfortable playing outfield. That's allows him to his mind up a little bit and it would help his offensive game that much more so it'd be interesting to see what that looks like short term and long term. You know we saw robin yell. That happened with robin young. With the brewers remember. They moved him from shortstop to center field. This guy went on to be a hall of famer so guys have moved and it hasn't stopped them from achieving. So i'm with you. I think there's a good chance you know he gets to a lot of balls he throws a lot of balls away and maybe just has to learn to hold on some of them once in a while but he could wind up. Stand in the outfield. And i think it would he such a tremendous talent. I'm with you. I think he can make that transition. Yeah i don't think that that would be a problem for him like you said. I think he gets the more balls which means he tries to make rosie. Shouldn't some of those areas are probably just a little bit elapsing concentration. Which as you get older. You tend to learn to lock in mentally a little bit better. Long-term good play. He could play shortstop. But i do think it might benefit from from a on his career to make the move to center field or even he hits enough home runs and slugs and up that he could play it out 'til spot so like you said he's a tremendous talent a tremendous athlete It's it's it's going to be shamed want to hear from you. Two hundred ninety nine career home runs. You know a hard. It is is hard to get the ball out of the ballpark ainun. Easy thing you know you gotta have the right swing and all that and miguel. Cabrera joined a five hundred club by the twenty-eight player. You know how many players have played in major league baseball. Only twenty eight have gotten a five hundred or more. How impressed to you when you when you see a guy reached that milestone. yeah. I mean it's a it's a number that gets you in the hall of fame. I mean it just it. Should i mean i think almost all of them are outside of some some speculation on pd's But i think we talked about five hundred homers. That's it's an incredible seat He's one of my favorite right hand hitters of all time if not my favorite just to watch site. I used to watch his swing a lot. When i was playing just two. Because he had such a pure swing. We start talking about triple crown. You talk about a guy. It's one batting title. He hits tall yields. He was. He was a hitter. That i wanted my swing to look like and think a lot of ryan fitters would say the same thing and just an incredible guy. He's a lot of fun he's he plays the game. It's a lot of good energy super impressive number. It just really is. I mean it doesn't It just i can't. I can't say it enough that when you get to five hundred homers. There's only twenty eight guys. I've ever played the game of baseball. Got there just. It's an incredible number. And i am a hall of fame voter. That's one of my magic numbers. Five hundred home runs. You automatically get my vote. I don't need to see any other stats to me. It's three thousand. Hits five hundred home runs. Three hundred wins. And you're in with me because it to last that long and be able to amass stats to me. Those are magic numbers fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f..

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