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I mean, Washington Auburn is good too as well seed home there. There. He. He. Mikey Bill tufo, my biggies expert over here. Yeah. Those I mean, that's always even I will state near you saw them in their conference championship game. So he was one of the teams at firm for show. A mentioned west is probably the one that have the most chaos, but I still at the end of the day. I still got the tar heels leading the their path to Minnesota. So that's how it is. Right. When the tip off comes fellas it's already done. I'm not filling out five of these done. Just one. I'm with you on that. Look, I will have to wear the clown suit. Got tonight. We got North Dakota state and she central Arizona state Saint John's pick North Dakota state. Okay. All right. And then. Wow. Saint John's on a state. I went with Saint John's earlier I'm going like I said a storyline. I'm Chris Mullin fan run TMC was my warriors. I'm going with Saint John's Mitch Richmond also assistant coach that team has really got Mitch Richmond. That's awesome. You know, Chris Mullin flat up. Not he's got like a nice little bus cut believe he still looks like he can shoot though man still looks like he can shoot. So those are the games. I'll be watching tonight got some NBA action. I'll be peaking threes. Sixers tonight. Huge. Sixers. A few weeks. People saw got a lot of Mukta, Mattie. Don't remember still baseball get about the baseball tonight. So I'll be covering all of that. And I'll be back here tomorrow. This has been the rich Eisen show Kirk Morrison Fillon emperor have a Bill. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah. We talk basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports this lady. She's in a sevice knew everything about me, everything sports and laughing. She says I love you podcast and laugh, but I hate that John. Listen free to the big podcast shack exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com and the podcast one app. If you love the show shirt with a friend and leave us a rating and review. In ohio. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. President Trump is now in Lima Ohio some tank Lance is nothing like it in the world. You make the finest equipment in the world. You really know what you're doing the president likes what he sees at a tank plant in Lima. So wanna get into them? But then I remember when a man named Dukakis got into a tank. And I remember he tanked when he got into the tank he tanked episode, we tanked like that. So I said maybe a little bigger than him. I think earlier at the White House the president said that he believes special counsel Robert Muller's report should be released to the public even as he called its very existence ridiculous. The president is said let it come out. Let people see it. He told reporters at the White House. Let's see whether or not. It's legit Muller is expected to present a report to the Justice department any day now lining the findings of his Russia investigation. I may Donahue.

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