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Indefensible policy by the by the trump administration at the border in what's ironic about this comes on the heels of the democrats already they're they're they've got their own problems on immigration because after democratic debate the night before when the question about sanctuary cities came out you can almost see the four democratic candidates twitching because they were very nervous about this defending the concept as sanctuary city so both parties have a minefield walk through right now on this issue but at the moment republicans have the special challenge who do you think comes out alive in this primary you know it's it's it's pretty clear that walker stapleton how's the is the front runner there indications that dictator mitchell was making a kind of a late surge that's the way it looks right now i i would anticipate that it will be one of those two next week and we'll we'll see what happens of course the nfl noon unique part of this primary i pol yesterday showed that that mitchell was actually doing better with unaffiliated been stapleton but who knows where this is headed he's the former state gop chair dick waddams thanks so much for your insight ten this word just coming to us breaking news the president is said to be going to sign quote unquote something to keep families together maybe an emergency order in the next couple of hours and we'll have that news right ear if it happens on koa newsradio nine.

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