Pharmaceutical Companies, Monuc, New York discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show - #695: Santiago Carollo


You make a bunch of stuff that saves people's lives and your enemy number one actually it's kind of an interesting thing and luck saying saying saying at saying pharmaceutical companies bad like it's xing an airline is bad it's like there's gonna be some bad experiences some planes are gonna crash somebody's going to get mistreated there might be some maybe some maybe maybe monuc was thrown off because the guy's a racist like it that but it doesn't make the industry bad in a notion of the industry thanking general the industry does a lot of good issued in new york at save lives it moves people around it all sounds like somebody said so do the other day and i thought really you still saying that then i i'll tell you what zoo they said i was they were asking for some treatment thing and i go over please just do what the colleges tells you oh that's your western medicine point of view and i thought oh wait wait wait that i thought you know who the number one researching country is presently on pharmaceuticals and medicine as practiced today modern medicine china chan number one they all they completely abandoned their ways except the sort of hobby sort of like electricity and coal gerald look at like i said it's perfect if your mental case but if you actually have something than it's no good in the east that's where their number one they're they're they are number one in the world right now at this research and the deployment of modern science well wear it as i think about it.

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