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Everything we did the two of us in the fws goes back to what i tell people when i'm doing like seminars and stuff is repetition. Repetition repetition is doing the same thing every time. Say that people get used to it. People can sing along with it. Whatever it might be do. The same thing might seem boring for you because you do the same thing every night or every time you're out it works because that's what people grasp onto so the thing we pull we. I mean i remember seeing him. fw ketamine vents. And i'm just when when when the old school finished i dumb it was talking. Ceylon sitter ever was booking. Any plans for him. Because i think he's tremendous could really work with well with him and they put us together because about having a mouthpiece yeah he he was basically he had the skills of the tools are just needing to to put them together so i was put with him eight to talk because pull looks like a monster but in reality he was a very polite very soft spoken. Blake from guilford surrey. He played rugby. Was quite a bit partially as i didn't fit the image so we just said he will never speak literally be out all the talking for he'll growl and also i'd be able to help him put the matches together just spots of the. There's a squashes spots but as time went on things changed but yeah i always there to help put the matches together or help if he got lost or stock. Wish she'd never ever did if he wants his debut. Tom is our pricing to debut dot. There's there's a spot just before he does. He does this spectacular dive over the buckles and over the ring. Probably stunned to the floor just before there if you look. He pokes his head through the votes on the opposite side of the ring and i slapped him in the face and that was because he said to me slapped me in the face needs psyche up because he has shits himself about during that big bang but But generally speaking. I outlived my useful in that partnership. Quite young which is a credit support. For how good. He was just naturally good and it was clear to see. I mean from talking to him anyway and we knew that he's he's goal was to get to the wwe wwf yuppie program. That was what he wanted to..

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