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Put your titties against the glass. Come on. Cheered them was like. Sexy man, right. Got one of those limited edition look at the beef. Oh my God. Oh, but he's got one of those limited edition shirts, and this Muslim edition shirt is I don't know why it's called the is t shirt, but fuck it. It's by Samantha right at the right is the right artists for you. Go ahead and buy some stuff from her and commissioned some artwork, but look how delightful that is Cory is the devil and Martin as an angel and actually Corey kind of agreed with you. He said that he did look a little bit like tiger. Tiger woods. I mean a little bit like Tiger Woods. That's that Guichard ET Mars dot com. Available today in for what the hell is Paula Deen doing with this butter? I'm sorry. I got distracted. She riding it. Okay. With it. What was yours like girls right in butter? Preferred not be Paula Deen. But. There's no I don't wanna find polythene butter porn, dude. Probably not what I'm into Chris my be into it possibly. But we're not going to do that today. We're. I have things too much better than just touching myself having but after dark. We should do that. So what you need to do is unilateral. But some butter. That's gross. We're not doing that. But. They're they're they're sharing memes and shit over there in the corner. We're not that funny. It's okay. But you know, what before we get all the funny before we get to the show for talking about some people did to housekeeping to do because you know, what there's people out there that are here that can talk to us right after the show and not during the show fuckers, quite, but you can Email us if you're not here, you can't be here. If you can't join us on the festivities and all the fun that sucks, but you know, what you can always get in contact those and have our own fun in our private lives who the fuck is messaging me see you can access us because they're friends with us. They're doing all the things that we're going to introduce right now, but they can always start at the top k kumons dot com. That's casey. Oh well. MA Jim convert questions with concerns insult input or vice you can find someone is grandma doubled fan page tag..

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