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Cloudy in downtown San Diego. Hopefully, seeing some sunshine pretty quickly. Coco two years time is 7 42 and it is a bizarre story. The suspect who was wanted in the fatal assault on a New Jersey federal judge, Esther so lost family is dead from apparently a self inflicted gunshot wound in Rockland, New York, he has identified his Roy den Hollander. Joining us on the cocoa news. Live line. Reporter time you J powers. Who is this man? And why did he go after this judge? Yeah, that That was the question on a lot of people's minds, and that's the booking investigation is centering on by the way, the FBI's leading that investigation. What we know of him is he is a self described anti feminist lawyer. He is known for filing lots of lawsuits with courts seemingly frivolous. Kind of lawsuit that a lead thought Tio do away with ladies night clubs or eliminate women's studies programs. Things like that he had a lot of writing was on his website, which has been taken down from what I understand. He is the person that police they went to Judge Callison home on Sunday afternoon, Her son answered the door. He was 20 with a junior in college. You answered the door and was shot by this person who was standing at the door in a FedEx delivery uniform, which police say was looked at Hollander, the boy's father, who was the judge's husband ran up to find out what the commotion was about. He was shot. He is apparently in the hospital. Now we're not not sure what his current condition is, but he is stable from what we understand. And then did Islanders body was found in Liberty, New York That's about a two hour drive from North Brunswick, New Jersey, which is where the judge's home is. It was apparently a self in self inflicted gunshot wound. They are looking at the possibility of it being linked to a case there in California. Where I am in The men's rights lawyer apparently was shot and killed earlier this month by someone dressed as a FedEx driver. They don't know if the two are linked, but they're looking into that. The FBI has also contacted New York State's chief Judge, Janet de Fiori. To tell her that den Hollander actually had her name and photo in his car. Not what we understand from different reporting, including a story in The New York Times about this, den Hollander had been hey had had a case last summer. In Judge Palace court. It was about the all male you know, draft law basically for the military, and he was challenging that he apparently gave that to another attorney and told that attorney He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. And that is why he was giving up the case. Um, the investigators are looking into whether you know he had decided to, you know, make a list of people he wanted to harm. That is the reason you know they were, I guess, tying that to the photo and everything of the New York state judge a swell, but yeah, there's a lot of a lot of questions going on here. As to why he did what he did his. Like I said his website. You give some clothes. I'm sure the FBI knows a whole lot more. Man. I mean, it's just so convoluted and he was he was with men's rights, you said, But the case that he is conducting an connected to here in California, involves the death of a men's rights attorney. Yeah. The whole thing is just like I said, we were finding out more and more about it. But the thing that we know that was that hey, can remember exactly where. In California this wass But I know that he was, you know, As you know, earlier this month he had posed as a delivery person, apparently and This is what happened here in New Jersey and like I said the investigators are looking into whether that shooting earlier in the month. In which another lawyer was killed at his front door is the same guy. Now there's got a lot to look into. Actually seems very similar. Reporter Tawny J. Powers. Thank you very much for your time this morning, All right? Local news time is 7 46 How are Santiago beaches?.

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