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Messy path on the way to restarting the season. What's delay? When. I think the latest is that we're GONNA learn about the hubs maybe next week. But what is where are we in land right now? Insofar, as the NHL looking at were to wear to restart the season, if the players decide they wanNA play. A Great Great It does appear that the hurdles for Canada could be cleared Jacinto has come out the last couple of days talking about working with the NHL. The obvious issue is that fourteen day quarantine period which the NHL wants waived. It's mandatory. I do think that could be resolved. which leads us to believe? There will be one Canadian site and one site. We've gone over this a million times, and he told us wants it that way I'm. It's cheaper to see each games in Canada. It's a very Canadian league. They just kind of feel like it's fair. I do still believe. Vegas is the favourite in the US for a variety of reasons. We've got some reports in the LAS. Vegas. Review Journal that MGM is even holding hotels. For the NHL through July knowing that they would want to go there in August. I've heard to cities that have picked up a lot of steam. One is Los Angeles, and it would be in the La live complex that makes a ton of sense because as you texted me. Players love going La. Entertainment options in there. And they also could use the ducks practice facility, which is brand new tons of sheets of ice that would make a lot of sense and I'm so Chicago which I am still befuddled by because I live here and I'm like we're not really containing corona virus all that well. It's happening, but I have a hard time seeing here, but I have heard that picks up a lot of steam. It's another city. The NHL has a really long standing. Standing relationship where they now do their player mediatory here every year. They did the draft here. What two or three years ago on the headlong? Stanley Cup runs players like the entertainment options here. The restaurants specifically and then that's for Canada. You know if it is a west coast city which we're assuming assuming it's going to be Vegas. You'd think Toronto because they would like to have two time zones, but I wouldn't count out either Vancouver Edmonton. chicagoans interesting the. Is really interesting. I've been in that new Anaheim rink. It is awesome like it's three seats gorgeous. It's sort of off on its own. Obviously for. Those of us, know about the LA market drive and a little bit dicey situation with A. Traffic at all times even during a fantastic. But not necessarily escorted buses and it'll. Not a deal killer cops no issue for the NHL. This point is spending thirty thousand dollars on a day's worth of tests. True this is true. I I think it's interesting now that we're getting really down on what the NHL hubs might be at a time when the NBA is has chosen Orlando as the site for their season restart, but. All of these details about the perks, the the NBA players would be getting if they all. Mean Yeah I mean we're talking. And it's like car manicurist. A comedy shows like they're going to get to see black widow before everybody else apparently It's I. Wonder like, do you? NHL Jump Players Cast Jealous I at these guys, and near Lake looking at all this NBA, basically like the writer that a celebrity would get, and then they're like. We might go to Edmonson. It's kind of like what are they thinking right now? Looking at the NBA stuff. I was texting with the flair last week and I was like. What do you want like what would make you happy during this and he's like? No, it'd be cool if they dislike bought out a restaurant in the entire time, and only NHL people could go there like that. Their idea of luxury and I think the hockey players in general little simpler things are nicer, but that's the level of amenities they're looking for I did hear though that like one of the things. The player told me it's like I'm not crazy about going Edmonton. I do think the League is kind of listening to the players. Hey, you gotta pick sexier cities. Sorry I think that's I'm already spending all Canadians. LEGIT and also had been since hotel capacities, probably not going to be with need for to have twenty four I'm sorry to have twelve teams at one of the sites so I listen I think. I think your points taken. It's not the slate Edmonson. It's just speak to the idea that need to make this as compelling as possible to bring the players back to to do this, and that speaks to location that speaks to amenities I've. Heard the restaurant idea I think in Vegas. That's something that's very doable considering. Eight restaurants and every Casino Hotel. But I also think. These in a city like Chicago, though just because you're were slowly reopening right now you get one or two nights, steakhouses, and like. Hey, you're gonNA make your money back from some of the money. You've lost all the two point. Two five billion cities lost in restaurant revenue last couple of months, but I digress. The Webber Grill placed the Lupin has the actual Webber Grill on the sign outside that once that was A. Cheesy touristy steakhouse they could probably do. I can't say I frequent much. I can't imagine that you would've. Visitor. So. Like they have to make a compelling for the players to come back? and part of that equation is something that we read about this week on the site, which is the family issue which remains the biggest issue right now for the players, the ones that have families. What do you do? How do you get them involved? When are you going to be able to see your family? For the players WHO's a partner pregnant? When you're going to be able to see your newborn. All that stuff, that's a huge issue, and it might speak to the sort of like differences in style between the NHL The NBA the. NBA's like you know. Who can we have? Parties in the NHL is like. When do I get to see Sean? But like that's a real issue for the H. L. Right now is how these. When are they going to be able to see their families? The one thing I heard you know kind of secondhand was the idea of like the deeper you get into the postseason. The more opportunity you get to see your family, which Kinda reminds me you. Know go ahead. No I was GONNA. Say the NBA is doing I believe in. I have to check this again, but in the first round, no family members are allowed to the NBA to the second round. Family members allowed to come. I would not be shocked at that similar in the NHL. It's like okay. This first round in twenty four and no one can come, but. But once we pair it down to the actual quote playoffs. Then your way down is can come on the road, and that's amazing, because that basically means that they're structuring their their hub city format on reality television like survivor and master chef for the defense competition. Then you get to see your family again. They come in and help you. Cook or help you start a fire. Right. Old Family recipes. Your stick the way GRANDPA used to. Here, so there's that and so hopefully they can figure out that.

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