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Go dot com America is talking to investors edge Gotta be big with the crowd is just on its feet here. Send around a boy with Gary called Bomb comes highly recommended. You're gonna feel better if you talked. Oh, And welcome once again to investors edge. So let me tie a bow on this. And I want you to listen as careful. As careful can be. On my left screen. Left. Now have up Like 90. It's upto like 90. Of these blind pools. Some of them went up insanely in a matter of a day or two. You could not catch it. Cause they never traded and they just went straight up. I'm looking at one right now that went from 3 to 46 1 Day. It's seven. I don't know about you, but 46 down to seven is a lot 83% Maybe. And by the way, went from 46 down toe. 10 in two days. That's some of the environment we're in right now. I'm looking at one that went from 2 to 6 and two days back to in four days. That's the environment we're in right now. It is not a healthy environment. Now, if you are genius enough to know about knowing what tomorrow looks like And find one of these things. There's some cake to make. But these things are popping out of nowhere. And they're killing people. So just be careful. The initial public offerings. Are coming out at moron IQ in basilica ridiculous prices. Which can have them continue to go higher. Just don't be the last one end. Most off. First off all these blind pools will drop 80 to 90%, if not more. A lot of these. I pose especially the ones without sails 80 to 90%. When we get the bear. And as far as extreme valuations on some of these other things. Well, extreme valuations to the upside. We'll take you to extreme of value valuations to the downside, and you will go coast to coast. In price. Now I am letting you know that going looks like it remains pretty decent here, though. There being db he's getting hit. Now off the highs, door dashes getting hit that. Remember that? A. I told you about the C three Ai. It was 1 33 on Friday. It's 102 as I speak. It still has a $10 billion market cap. With 160 million in sales. Asked 65 times sales. No big deal, right? Oh, and they on Lee lose money. So we are not telling you not to. We are telling you better know what the hell you doing? They are going to get crushed. But some of them after they get crushed will go up. 10 20 fold in some more than that. And that's why we'll continue to pay attention to these companies and what they're doing. You know Facebook when they came public The stock trashed initially because they did the deal very poorly. My first purchase of Facebook. Was in the month of July. It 30 some odd bucks on a big gap. It's 2 74 today..

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