CEO, Doug Parker, Jetblue Airways discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Act. Everyone knew her. Okay. Romanian? And for me. And this was when it says advise on initial contact with more information on her. This was right. When I was breaking right when it happened. So there were pilots in the sky who aircrews who didn't know their CEO had passed. But he really was a pioneer in aviation. He he definitely had a huge inspiration in. I believe that's Doug Parker was a CEO of a JetBlue Airways and how they put their airline together and their customer service model based after south west. Well, it's it's a great model is Keller's they say his fierce competitiveness competitiveness is easy laughs at the tone for the underdog at that time south west is it grew from three planes serving three Texas cities in one thousand nine hundred seventy one today, of course, south west is the country's largest domestic airline with service to about one hundred destinations and forty five year stretch of profitability unrivalled in a volatile industry. Newsradio KFB Sacramento's news, traffic and weather. Two women have.

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