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He heads back into free agency next year show he's healthy he's got a show that he can handle that situation that he could be a good teammate because as you know they told them like they're going to be nights when you do play you're going to get five or six shots maybe and you're going to have to accept that and it's not going to be about you it's so he's got a great opportunity here to show people and he did that in new orleans he really did that there was a very good teammate and became much more disciplined on the defensive end but this is a year for him to rehab his body but the rehab how people view him in the nba where he gets back out in the market next summer what do you hear if anything about win they expect him to be actually ready to play again coming back from the achilles do you have any sense of when they expect him to be on the floor december january i'm told that the earliest and here's the one great thing he's got going for him and golden state and i was talking to somebody there yesterday about this you know this isn't a team where he goes to try to get into playoffs who signs to a one year deal and his like hey we gotta get this guy on the floor we have one year with them if they lose two or three games in a row golden state would probably doesn't happen but but if they do there's not going to be somebody saying hey we gotta get cousin come on we gotta get him back they're going to win with them and they're going to win without him and they obviously would just love to have them by the end of the year and healthy there'll be no russian and they're going to win every night with or without him so hilarious thing to say but it's one hundred percent accurate boston herald radio where the rundown johnson francetti jets drier and christian but going we should have just simulcast get up this morning a five minute cut to begin the show i know that cat was only one forty eight fellows seemed like it was twelve thousand jags for a long time to what they were saying just saying demarcus cousins the warriors the celtics lose out another big guy what everybody's talking about that the celtics where the second choice there that's not necessarily the case had already pretty much tied up the deal with demarcus cousins before the celtics even got interested so technically twenty nine hundred thousand finished second in this race with demarcus cousins who signed a one year five point three million dollar deal with the golden state warriors so the rich do get richer so before this move the golden state warriors were the prohibitive favorites to win the nba title in two thousand eighteen nineteen they are now more so the prohibitive favorite if that's even possible yeah i mean there's no other way to look at it and then the rich get richer because cousins when he's playing an engaged is the best center in basketball right now amy joel embiid it's close but he's not there yet calling anthony davis a center is more he's a big four game wasn't a center hit three power forward cousins can hit threes that's the scary part average over five probably not with that team he's not gonna eat the hit threes they got some pretty good three point shooters there right in steph curry klay thompson and kevin durant and he did average over five assists last year when it's literally the one position they didn't have rice center now for what is arguably the greatest starting five in league history said there he's probably not gonna come back till december january even if he comes back in the all star judy wants yes the western conference finals a case as a team there that might get in the way of the goals and i did send me that he does say he thinks he can be back by trying to get his shot no i agree but he's just saying he thinks he can does he want to get back for training because he's trying to prove himself to the league and then we can get contract next year obviously he's not gonna play for the warriors of five million dollars for the next five years so he wants to contract she wants to in.

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