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5 45. I'm Michelle bash. And I'm John Aaron. A federal judge will hear arguments in a high stakes court case that could threaten access to abortion medication and blunt the authority of drug regulators. Christian conservatives are suing, aiming to overturn the FDA's more than two decade old approval of a certain abortion drug, which is taken in pill form. That drug when used with a second pill has become the most common method of abortion in the U.S.. The lawsuit alleges the FDA's approval of the drug was flawed for several reasons, including an inadequate review of the pills safety risks, the suit also challenges several later FDA decisions that loosened restrictions on the pill, including eliminating a requirement that women pick it up in person. Amid concerns about violent crime should establishments that are open late do more to promote safety. That idea is being floated in Montgomery county. Jane Reddick, with the greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, says carjackings and shootings have rattled residents visitors and businesses in Silver Spring. The increased police presence has helped as as the installation of the lighting and cameras. She told the county council she favors a bill that would require businesses that operate between midnight and 6 a.m. and that have frequent calls for police service to have to submit safety plans to the police. Jackie greenbaum owner of the quarry house tavern questions the notion that there's a causal relationship between business operating hours and crime. I don't know that there's evidence to support this. A work session on the bill is set for later this month, Kate Brian. WTO P news. The Justice Department can seize money that has recently flowed into the prison inmate account of white supremacist James fields junior. He's the Ohio man who rams his car into a group of protesters in Charlottesville in 2017. A federal judge in Virginia says officials can take and use the funds to pay for some of the approximately $80,000 in unpaid fines and restitution, owed by fields in his criminal case, fields pleaded guilty to several federal hate crime charges in the deadly car attack. He's serving life in prison, prosecutors say he's collected significant funds from donors to his prison and made account. Embattled Republican New York congressman George Santos is indicating he will run for reelection, even as he faces calls to resign. Santos is facing criminal and ethics investigations surrounding lies he told during his campaign, yesterday's filing with the federal election commission does not necessarily mean he will run for a second term, but it does allow his campaign committees to continue raising money some of which could be used to pay for future legal

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