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Welcome back to news radio 700 wlw. You didn't know this is now an FM station, huh? DJ Tater Chip rack my producer tonight and every Saturday night. We kick back in here and Have a good time. Let's zip back. Let's get back. Tomo. I don't know if that's curious. Let's get back to what I know best. I don't know if I know politics best or not, but it is what I do for a living. Cover in politics for this insane inquire on Team of great journalists who cover politics. Some columnist We have Sherry Coolidge on City Hall and Scott workmen on Hamilton County and regional politics and Jesse Bomber and just Jackie Borchard. Cover in state politics out of Columbus and the Yeah, And we have our politics editor who's the best than business understands digital journalism better than anyone I've ever met Carl wiser. And he keeps it all. He keeps the he keeps the trains and moving with our political team down to inquire. So with that, Let's get back. Let's talk City Hall. Let's talk a little little suburban. Issue this week with the arrest. Sorry, not the arrest. I stand corrected the indictment. Of former Clermont County Republican Party. Chairman and former Clermont County Commissioner, David You Bull on seven felony. And three misdemeanor charges. Including a tampering with evidence and six forgery charges. So the corruption the shenanigans, the Alleged illegal behavior. Um, is not just happening it since I City Hall. It's not just happening at the Statehouse in Columbus with what happened over the summer of the arrest of the former speaker, now former speaker Very house order. And I'll tell you My next guest. He falls it all. He's on the inside. He keeps tabs on everything. And he is he. He's call it out, and he he exposes. A lot of the lot of the shenanigans. Certainly at Cincinnati City Hall. He is attorney Brian Shrive. Right. How are you? Hey, Good evening, Jason. Thanks for having me on and I just want to tell you one of the things I'm thankful for this year, and they had had that earlier in the evening about people the good things and unfortunately oh, puppy. I got it. I got a new poppy. This year's, you know, And I'm I'm so excited to have Finch and my wife and I love him a lot. But I'm also really enjoying listening to you on the weekends as well. That's one of things I'm It's been a good thing for this year. Well, it's very kind of you. Brian is Have. Ah, you know, I don't always agree with you as you know, but I respect you and the work that you do. And, um, just, uh, I've enjoyed I've enjoyed your photos of you. And I know you've really, really enjoyed having the new puppy And you and your wife. They're just, uh You know what? Just little things you know, Brian and this year of craziness, you know, so many people have gotten new dogs. My kids have been bugging me about getting a dog. My wife is not there yet, but Well, we'll keep working on that. I want to ask you this question and And from your perspective because you see this from a different angle, and I've asked some people on the inside of City Hall. Some of the politicians and I haven't asked you this yet, Brian. The work you've done. Obviously you were the lead attorney on exposing the gang of five text messaging scandal, But I want to see three arrests this year of City Council members on federal corruption charges. From your perspective, Brian and you, you watching City Hall and keeping tabs. And where do you think? Things went wrong went off the real was there What moment or what time period or what incident or vote or something from your perspective? Where do you think things went wrong?.

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