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News radio one thousand K. T. O. K. thank you so much for listening I thirty five north and southbound catchy on I. forty west in eastbound and all points in between Weatherford Anadarko Oklahoma City proper Norman and Ponca city out there on the on the a little bit and want to make sure that you guys remember what we have going on here with the national western and cowboy at western heritage museum this is the two thousand twenty western heritage awards the museum will honor legendary actors Robert divall and Kurt Russell this takes place on April seventeenth and April eighteenth of two thousand twenty this year of course we can't wait to go see our a needle cops with John Wayne's granddaughter she'll be in town with the family sit with the family and also interview and take the actual event live on the air so we're excited about that and we've partnered with them and it's coming up so if you want more information on it and how you can get tickets just simply go over to national cowboy and western heritage museum and get them at their work site if you will Richard Linda ham is back from room to park with us and we're talking about Horsey racing today which there's a little bit of parallel there between the national western cowboy and western heritage museum with you guys so it's nice to have you as a neighbor out there and sponsors yeah but John Wayne went to a few horse races in my life I bet she did you're the story when he came to town a broke ground on the war on the museum now tells that need ever say the story about that currently they have quite the time yeah they were out late yeah and John Wayne road down main street on the big horse and went went over there to the museum they broke ground parent with a went out that night till the wee hours of the morning but made breakfast so that that was the honor part of it but she can tell a broader story about when she gets here we'll have a back on the year yeah but it's fun working with John Wayne family out today that they're great people but this this you know the steak house over in nag cattle town in Oklahoma City it to looks like it could have been in the man who shot liberty valance oh sure yeah now they they do a real good job over there I wondered where dad's picture is I haven't seen it up in there yet that's interesting we need to take them one by I'm ready for state supplements cowboy so anyway back to Remington park give us some hot points what's coming up so we can expect in C. and look forward to out there right opening night is Friday March sixth we're giving away a journal it's supposed to be a really nice journal and if you win it you can writing side the journal how you wanna journal so that and five dollar vouchers to the first five hundred people they'll be able to bat with those vouchers on the races so you start with five dollars pick up my tip sheet free at Remington park dot com we've got about four five tip sheets there will help you win money it's free we want you to win money when you bet at the track we're not trying to get your money we just get a percentage of what you bet we want you to win that's a very a misnomer that people think sometimes it's a track wants you to lose so the tracking get your money well that doesn't happen you breading against other people who are betting and when people lose you when their money when you when you when their money that Richard when when you're out there at the park can people come find you and get get help from you you'll see me down in the paddock several races between races so don't be afraid to come up and ask me a question it is same thing for Kelly Kelly o'hara she does a wonderful job there Randy hair is one of our top handicappers every year you guys are there to help people yeah there's one formation booth that to Randy hair sits at all night long and she'll tell you how the carrots cabbage with the skims picking horses so opening night would be doing that Saturday March seventh we're drawing names to have people represent a horse in the come with the charity you can win up to a thousand dollars if you happen to draw the correct horse for the Oklahoma futurity and like I said trace coronas if you draw his name chances are really good did you might win a thousand dollars Sunday March eighth we have the win place and show me the money promo that's a chance to win up to two thousand dollars in cash that will be given away that night then we have our regular promotions silks restaurant on Thursday dinner for two it's twenty five dollars for an appetizer to share two entrees and a dessert to share plus a two five dollar racing badgers and that begins second we can race you can't beat that with a stick that's a great deal twenty five dollars for two entrees and appetizers and betting voucher to cool to two cool to be true also to be great you know protested just now joining us were news radio one thousand Katie okay and regional and hands with us from Remington park you can get us all over the world on the I heart app at Katie okay or here locally on A. M. one thousand so I wanna make sure you guys know how to get us and that you can get us and we are doing it live and that Richard is out there with room to park and he knows all the ins and outs if you go out the room to park and you're a little flustered a little confused because there's so much going on with the casino end of it and the entertainment enter in end of it and you guys are looking for someone who's knowledgeable on horses and how to bat and who to bet on Richard lend a hand is your guy he's gonna look a little bit like James Dean page yeah right maybe Jay Z. NALP he's going to look like an advance James Dean and he's down in the paddock with the cal in the rest of the gang sensor that I will I wanna handicapping contest for the quarter horses last year so I do a little better with quarter horses and I do the thoroughbreds but we all do really well in picking the horses might tip she's called riches pitches okay then you can get that at Remington park dot com free bridges pitches we like that all right news radio one thousand Katie okay this is cliff Davis on the cliff Davis show and we can't thank you enough for listing coast to coast and located locally blanketing the great state of Lok of Oklahoma we want to do this for you we want to make sure you know that we appreciate you.

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