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A service of j com. Roofing to Austin police officers have been placed on paid leave after shooting an armed man this morning in southeast. Austin officers were searching for the man after he slipped away during a traffic. Stop and chief Brian Manley. Says body camera footage shows officers trying to convince him to give himself up peacefully to de-escalate to calm. The situation to tell the subject put the weapon down and things didn't have to end this way. There was a lot of work done to try and deescalate the situation. Manley says the man then raises arms and threatened to officers forcing them to shoot the still unidentified man later died at the hospital, Austrian city council member Greg casare wants others on the dice to pick a bigger interest in housing and planning the neighborhood housing and community development. Eric leak says they will soon be discussing specific levels of affordable housing per council district. This can be helpful in terms of setting a benchmark for the city. And also making sure that affordable housing is geographically dispersed across the city. Austin police association says there is a war on the streets against police officers and Austin police union president can cast says he believes that war is evident Massine this week with the shooting of four cops in Houston. You have these activists groups that are out there saying that works viciously murdering innocent people the country, the facts are that were not any feels the problem of violent rhetoric against police is even permeated the very fabric of Austin's, local governments. Thanks city council members, and even the mayor of helped fuel the flames of anti-cop sentiment and that he says is what's leading to police officers, quote, dropping like flies across the nation. Patrick osborne. Newsradio KLBJ.

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