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Cochran show on seven twenty WGN. not gonna lie but looking forward to this all morning eight forty four wheel drive to a great start today what about the D. G. yes because this Saturday is national waffle day. absolutely we say that again I'm sorry those bad job I mean what's what's the Saturday Darnell national waffle day everybody's gonna have waffles all over the country now this wonderful smooth voice you're hearing right now is our very own Donald Johnson of Chicago's homes chicken waffle and you manage to location tell everybody where five four three Madison in Oak Park and thirty nine forty seven south king drive Chicago Illinois is in the Brownsville section and bronze valve so so delicious I was talking earlier about how much I love to have a little bit of sweet with my favorite to me that is the greatest combination you add to that juicy crispy just fried chicken to Krispy. fluffy waffles. smothered with maple syrup my god. I mean it tell us a little bit about the restaurant how long it's been around you know we open of March fifteen nineteen MC two thousand and eight so we've been eleven years now cannot only dances been great you know Bronzeville is a diamond in the rough this is a great place to being so much history unbelievable unbelievable I raise my kids in California so with I come out here your four blocks from the beach then you and I'm in New York I grew up in New York you see all the great brownstones we column brownstones there did you get the beautiful grace on the home so it's unbelievable location. and that is just transitioning now into really unbelievable place to live see I think the chicken and waffles low has become mainstream at least fairly recently did you have this in your path young growing up like this is something you'd have for breakfast on Sunday. I found out all about chicken and waffles when I first landed in California okay it is a date on it really up in Harlem yeah they just got delivered by yours looks amazing and people didn't know if they wanted to night clubs when they were let out the jazz musicians they didn't know what the he sold it in of the one of breakfast or dinner and this chicken waffle six council came around the behind me just to call because it was late enough that even still you didn't have dinner yet but it was early enough in the are we early hours of the morning that you still would want some some breakfast too okay this smells so incredible it's so he and you guys are so nice chef add we have to wait but going on here I'm putting it all over the waffle got to do it the right way that's one for the record I think it does serve for you we do they came here to the studio with the actual fryer so that way chef add kindly you should know that that does that normally doesn't happen this you guys have gone above and beyond this really impressed chef add engages is actually the waffle lined a good old fashioned yells right off line. can the waffles that Graham I used to use in her kitchen see that's that's exactly what I think this is the thinner flatter waffle which uses softer and more delicious than even better I just got this year this is this is the way a waffle should be made for the record this is this is the real stuff right here you talking real now I I thought I could tell you to to so when we first started with this we got a lot of resistance to that by was used to develop and are now we've got to say when you say we you mean you and your lovely wife Tonya Tonya Johnson who's not here today and you guys are a family owned business this is a tradition for the family this is in in in in rough and tumble Highland Park in the Jewish Carmen also we had the old school waffle iron and this is self Fred Carmel to make him and I don't I don't see that every day and they were it was it was the little malicious I'm so excited about this you have no idea who gives a great take it's it's the best daytime sent it back out to get a shout out to my lovely wife Tanya yes you do Sam's making sure you don't get into trouble again some brownie points. so tell me about running a small business I think sometimes people forget that you guys are a mom and pop shop your local your independent you need the support of the community and actually you need people to write in from other parts of the city from other neighborhoods in from the suburbs yeah I'm in support here yeah it is challenging but you have to just keep keep pushing it what you want in this world you get out what you put in and we work very hard going back to my wife she's she's a heck of a worker and she's a strong believer she's from Chicago in the autumn and I got to give her a lot of praise and thanks because she was behind the project slowly it cruel now is very diverse we get all type of of of of ages all type of groups you know religion nationalities everybody comes to that particular location is unbelievable turn us to hang tight with a quick time out here and get up there what's going up in news will be right back at seven twenty deletion back to the Steve Cochran show. I think. so. Dave who's normally the most on point won't eat during the show was enjoying right crazy. kale and he's a very healthy eater yeah. yes he does a good. Darnell tell us a little bit you know your wife Tanya won't really tell me any secrets but you have a blend of spices that go in the chicken anything you can tell us because I want people listening to understand this is outstanding chicken they should drive for you know it basically comes from the old cast iron skillet type of concept you want that real grandma's kitchen type of case and we kind of created it coming from the cast iron going into the fires and and it is the taste that you got to have this is not your your traditional taste is out there today is.

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