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Little bit of rope well in our agreement hi I make more Hey Donna paper and I'll see what's written on it not the Georgia southern boy I was very awesome closer lose a panel of the contractor I didn't want to talk about business failures there were always talking about how often they fail and and different things and there's there's a new study that has come out in his got to be probably the closest thing to be in the cruise I will ever be because it comes from university Tennessee how long it's a study that they did within the first year fifty percent of small businesses fail within five years ninety five percent ninety five percent of because it's been a I'm sure they probably took this you know Poland and did the study in the last you know five years at the last five years there's been some tough tough years yeah I'm sure there's like other things that go into that whole yeah I was mad because you want to log in or not it takes everything with twenty or less employees without like this because a lot of times you know the government standards is small business with the government five million annual gross sales a year or less which I think small business was placed and there there's still a twenty or less employees thirty seven percent have a survival rate in four years and nine percent have a survival rate in ten years that's interesting it's real interesting there really is so it looks like to me that is a little bit better rate with a small small business is what I'm reading so but some of the ones they really talk about in here with I will give you some examples because of one family restaurants and of course everybody you know lessons everywhere right and you know it's ones we like to go to and and eat because I usually have the best no you know usually the best for you but then also you know that the court everything is you know it's it's you know.

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