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United Kingdom would you know, through that something in the United Kingdom across Hugh fossil ten years, and you've got Joan Bonham smashing a hotel suite without daily basis. Yeah. I throwing ponts refrigerator out of the off the balcony the edge tell into the into the drink below zone. But he was interested ground said I'd just never seen anything like it. You know, if the door up you taking the door off its hinges in photography invade CIN that that stuff was happening. I think if he learned to deal with gene Vincent and Barry, Barry, hit handle anybody. It handle anybody. And that was the idea you that you always. To get your artist to stage, a always had to do the show, and you always had to get the money. And he would always get into the stage. Always get the money. No matter what it agai cry. Right. So I have to ask about the oldest gangster esque legend about grant. I think this first shows up in hammer the gods, which you know, is a book that should be taken with a grain of salt. I I know that but this hanging Robert Stig would out of the sixth floor window four. Don arden. It was really true. Don't think that stories in the hammer to go today. I don't think seven it doesn't matter. But right. Yeah. They see the story, and you know, steak was arrivals of impresario. Yeah. You wanted to wanted to poach ground spans faces with grounds. Don's bans this will face his and Don goes there with some heavies. They gonna scare him somehow ends up getting dangled over that volt flow balcony Kevin dish square, which will pass only the other day. Kaffa disc wearing London looked up. Of course, he hadn't been on Christ. I mean, Kevin dish. I'm gonna look at Elkin wearing happened grams one of the gods and said he had hold of his ankles. He had these Chelsea boots. So Jen, the worry was that he faked slip out them said I had to hang on ready tied. The question is d- happen. Will we know that stigmatise dangling over balcony? That is true. But whether grow was that we don't know he always told people he was and so I like to. Leave. He was it makes sense. You know, he he was wanted Don hardens heavies, and you know, in we know that Don was certainly capable of suggesting that that might motivate a person to do what he wanted. So. It makes sense definitely makes sense. So so that that gets us to grant managing the yard birds. How did that occur will happen because he's Mickey moist will working together making south of production company and record label and make producing the outputs who at the time was more of a pump group. I guess a rogue group Eric Clapton had left by this time. Go on Jeff Beck was in there. And then Jeff Becker Jimmy patriot together manager some and night. Bali went on to great success later on eight sick of them. He's fed up with interviewed som- about this. He said look couldn't deal with them. So I said, I don't wanna manageable and paid to grow. So the put his hand up and said, I'll take them, and I think it was simply about he wanted to manage someone. The company south would pay to hand with making much data management wing. And they weren't really managing. Anyone managing anybody successful. We thought I'll tighten the out buzz. And he was the best decision ever might because it goes Jimmy Page's guitar the Alba at the end and that that's the beginning of Led Zeppelin. Yeah. Yeah. Happy accident, you know as rod time. Yeah. Now, of course, I have to ask about Beck's bolero session because I think that's really where the name of the most famous group of the nineteen seventies comes from right? That's right..

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