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No, Austin cler. No Melton Gordon. No problem chargers defeat the chiefs twenty nine twenty eight nepotism Ross teams were oh an eighty eight this season when trailing by fourteen points or more in the final five minutes of regulation. Say it again teams NFL teams, oh and eight this season when trailing by fourteen or more points in the final five minutes of regulation. That is awesome. That is awesome. You know that game was incredible. And Thursday night football this year has been incredible. And nobody's been complaining about it as a result. So I think what we've learned is. It's not really Thursday football that people had the problem with or the quality of play on Thursday football. It evidently is just a matchups. You know? They didn't have good enough games. But people before would say, oh, the quality of play and guys are injured, and blah, blah, blah. Well. It's been pretty awesome this year. So what do you say? Now as for this game. What a freaking game, man. I mean what a game you said at bright down fourteen with four minutes left. Philip rivers was masterful including an incredible drop it in the bucket. Fourth down conversion to Travis Benjamin. When it looked like the chiefs, we're going to cement the win. But rivers was up to the challenge. The weird thing about it is. Rivers actually had several like under throws in the game. And really did not like it was you know, he had to hit a three or four bad throws. But man, oh, man he made up for it. Mike Williams it game you mentioned, no echo or Melvin Gordon Brian. He also didn't have Keenan Allen for the second half yet. Mike Williams who they took. With the number seven overall pick in the draft. He had a huge night three touchdowns. The game winning two point conversion, Anthony Lynn, big stones to go for it. To go for two at the end of the game rather than going overtime. I'm glad he did. Because I was ready to go to bed and Mike Williams wide open for the two point conversion. I mean at the start off. Oh and four he's twenty six in his last twenty six games. You know, what else Mahomes was a magician? Mojo was made some great plays again. But it wasn't enough. You know, you had eight drives was limited to only eight series. Four of them were touchdown drives. That's really good. The other four. No points. And in fact, pry none of them are longer than four place. So they're putting the ball back to the chargers almost right away. I thought you know, there's been so much talk about no Kareem hunt. Whatever I thought that the chiefs running backs ran really hard, especially Damian Williams. But even Daryl Williams, I thought that bodes well for the chiefs moving forward who by the way, they still control their own destiny fate, whatever you wanna call it. They win the next two games. They're still the number one seed they still win the AFC west. So there's still in fine shape there. But now they lost all margin for error. They could like practically clinched clinch the AFC west last night. So what else? Chargers had lost nine straight to the chiefs. Chris Jones was incredible throughout the game for the chiefs as was just in Houston in D Ford. I mean, there's a lot of pressure on rivers, and he still found a way there were some questionable calls by the officials late to kinda miss rivers getting hit in the head. I thought it was pastor ferrets against. Remember who grabbed Mike Williams arm? I think the scandal. Maybe I thought that was a good call. So I I didn't have a problem with that one. But it was it was an awesome awesome. Awesome game. I I loved every minute of it. And I'm very very happy for the chargers and very happy for those of you that have given. Ohm ex boost a try, you know, as we get older, and as we get more advanced technology, they're coming up with more and more cool things, you know, things that work. I've told you guys about what I do for my hair loss omega boost is something you should all give a try for cognitive boost just to be a little bit sharper. You know, it's got alpha and omega in mega threes. You've heard of them before obviously. And this formula uses high DHA, which is the omega three that's critical to brain health and supporting key kinda funk. Actions. They combine it with alpha-gpc, which is key to faster..

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