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Hi Shantelle thank you so much for joining me today. Hi thanks for having me so I know that you just got back from the frontlines of this dispute and can you take me there. What's the scene been Lancaster? RCMP moves into enforce this injunction and clear the road road where protesters have set up camp blockades On the ground has been very chaotic where it's shifting very dynamic situation with a lot of police resources on site and then of course what tillerson hereditary chiefs and supporters who had had been dug in at a number of different sites along this forest service road that's subject to this Supreme Court injunction real heart in our minds. I've been looking at the images and videos that have come out of the standoff in the last several days. They're they're really really quite powerful. And can you describe some of them for me. Yeah there's been a lot of Chaos and and tense hence Tense moments out on that territory of police have moved into sort of a very deliberate Sort of climate or by kilometer can't can't buy camp enforcement actions and You know some of those images are people being arrested in the pitch black after the first wave of arrests happened at around four o'clock in the morning on Thursday as Victorian RPM the real issue December thirty first nineteen their images of of like big lines of of members of the RCMP's holding back people on the edge of the new police line to a Tuten. Elders are upset. They're not allowed to go into territory the consider. There's I never ever thought that we as we're told on people would ever be faced with such a crisis Sousse as we're facing today. Is this Canada or is it Syria. There've been videos of these tense confrontations between the whatsoever and supporters and police as things sort of shift and change hour by hour One of the moments that you know really I think aggravated things things for for the RCMP. Was Whim at this. One point on the the Forest Service Road Matola sports had toured without anybody noticing dissing parked all of their vehicles in this really chaotic scene. That you couldn't get across you couldn't drive made the road impassable and the police were trying to get out on the only road out of that area and came upon this scene of Mesli parked cars. They couldn't drive through and you know they there's a video of the rcmp a member of the the approaching. And saying you know if you don't get out of the way you're going to face arrest cultural processes owners okay right now. You're breaching the junction. We're helping understanding defending them. Well I just asked for station before you now you said you don't WanNa talk so I'm explaining to you that right now with his top and trying to give him a copy if the injunctions person standing there staring back at the police saying I don't know I need to copy the injunction sort of frustrated exchange where police walked away got back in their vehicles in you know in that particular moment. The police ended up getting Blocked from passing this road for hours so so lots of really tense exchanges Moments of enforcement. But then you know the weird contrast is that They're all this downtime where people are coaching. Their supporters have just been held at different for an exclusion zones by police and just Gathering and visiting with each other. And there's lots of hugs and laughter and singing and prayer and so. There's just like this very chaotic scene with these moments that seem so such a stark contrast to the the weight of. What's going on up here breath? What's up tell me a little bit about what it's like there? What the environment is like the Marines Forest Service road is just that it's Forest Service Road That sort of It's exits off highway. Sixteen which a lot of Canadians would know as the highway of tears And then it sort of curves off the highway sixteen and sort of snakes around alongside the Murray River and people refer to this The different sites where people have sort of set up permanent occupation sites or recent occupation sites as by kilometer postings. So you know there was one at the twenty seven kilometer mark. There was one at the thirty nine kilometer Lamad or market the forty four kilometer mark and Last in that line is at the sixty six kilometer mark and that's the longest standing of these Reoccupation sites the STOUGHTON wooden site. Our there is a land based healing center and so That is the last place where our CPA on Monday went in and started making arrests so they could clear the way so coastal gasoline and it's contractors can get back to work on pipeline construction. What is the significance of unison? Unison has been around for a really long time out on the territory. So it's It's at a strategic place where the unit Stoughton who are as a group within the WET SOICAN nation strategically set up a checkpoint dating back to two two thousand nine so over a decade now they started operating a checkpoint on this at bridge that crosses the Maurice River and Saying nobody can pass through this checkpoint. If you don't have the consent of the hereditary chiefs so it's really an assertion of what Sautin law which of course still exists and has existed assisted pre Canada and sort of is rubbing up against Canadian law. And so people there started this checkpoint it was to It was sort of created in anticipation one of lot of proposed pipeline activity through that area. And over the years. It's really been built up as a permanent Living site where we're now. There's a land-based land-based hewing center uses space to make our people. Strong at the residential schools were used to take the Indian child. We want to use this facility to the Indian back in our children meeting our culture that people are coming and going all the time. It's not necessarily rooted in in controlling that checkpoint but more so about this permanent presence on the land that's began by trying.

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