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You're listening to Dr Tom Razon live. It is Sunday in the nation's capital, and we're at that precipice. We're at that place where we have so much on our plate. We're trying to make a decision about what to do on so many different levels. You know, not only because we're being locked down and shut down and so forth, but And my opinion being lied to on so many different levels. It's like incredible. But my platform is your health and your well being. And the things that are being told you that can be extremely Yeah, well, but put it mildly and say misleading. You know, in the first half of the program, I told you that there's a lot of information that is not being put out publicly. You have to even go outside, You know, to take a look at something. Somebody asked me the other day. So you know what media is, like, Do I look at and listen to actually very few. Occasionally I'll listen to, you know, business news, but I usually check out what I want to online. Uh, I will go Tonto outside the country. Guess what? Guess what. I listen to Al Jazeera America. Why? Because they have a very different perspective. You're gonna hear things that are different. They're not. Yeah, I said that It was their interesting in the reporting process because it's pretty honest compared to some of the stuff that you're being exposed to and then addition to that I'll read the epic times and I try to get as much factual data as I possibly can. So we're gonna talk about that more about that, but, uh, the the endgame Right now, with this covert 19 vaccine is to get all of you to step up and they're not going to report the side effects and we said there are literally dozens of people that have already died from this thing and other reactions that are extremely significant. So buyer Beware. You need to do your homework You need to be, you know very, very much, Uh, diligent, if you will about you know all of those things. I want to go to the phones. Toc begin with. We have somebody that's been patient and holding. So we'll do that. And then we'll come right back. And Andy, how can I help you? Oh, well, thank you. Dr Richard. I want to follow all of your comments. Um, And if there's any way you could possibly put some length to some information that you trust on your website to be very helpful. But I am her from what you say when you said we have to do our due diligence before. Before we take the vaccine that it's impossible that we have Raymond. There's just no way we can get enough information. Really make an intelligent decision on whether or not to take the vaccine is that trajectory? It's a challenge, even for us as a challenge. I could go into different sites, and I put doctor's credentials in and I get other data. You know, I do a lot of publishing at my Facebook page, and that's the only thing that I put down. There's anything that's related to health care. The article that I just quoted earlier on from epic times is there right now you could go and just go toe are Thomas result. You don't have to friend me. You can just go in and take a look at it. It's open anybody that wants to see it, but what you do and how you have to go in and you have to dig deep into the archives. So you know if you put something up and you want to research it online Uh, there's a lot of misleading information on both sides, and that's what you really have to be careful about. But you have to begin to cherry, pick the information and then just follow the leads. It takes some time to do it. You know, I'm constantly in front of a computer trying to get data. See what makes sense What doesn't make sense. At the end of the day, you have to look at it and try to Set aside the emotional inflammatory reactions that have been put out there on both sides to try to get you to respond. And you know if they say, you know a briefing, you have to say by who? Um, if they say that this happened, you have to ask the question. When did it happen? How many times that It happened? And what is the you know what's the overall situation? No, they're trying to say right now. That about left. There's 11 points. I think it's one or 2% of serious reactions with this now, what do they call serious? That's the piece that you have to pick apart on every million and vaccinations that air that are out there. Well, you know, maybe And you know, compared to the regular flu, which is something that has a very, very, very low effectiveness rate anyway. But when you look at the research that's out there, you look at India where they Fizer did a lot of his original, uh, test trials. India threw them out. They won't let him back in the country because what they were fighting that women were becoming sterile from the vaccine permanently. And you know, now with the fighter vaccine and AstraZeneca and Madonna vaccine because there are in a attachments, RNA polymerase attachments they're telling you do not have. If you're in childbearing ages do not have Unprotected sex for at least 30 days up to 60 days prior to or after having excuse me after having the vaccine Excuse me, You know, guys begin will continue to produce sperm, You know, on an ongoing basis, women are are born with X number of eggs. And they don't get any more. So if this thing is genetically damaging women are in trouble, and that's what happened in India. They found that their women that were permanently sterilized because of their test runs their trials. Now that's a fact that you gotta dig. You can find it. It's there. Um, it's a challenge for all of us, including made trying to find the information. That is accurate and true, but you have to make sure that you don't What's the impatience in the office and they come in and say, You know, what do you think about the vaccine and I tell them when I smile, and I said, Look, here's the data. I am not going to have that You have to handcuff me and put into my arm. There's no way it's going to take place unless they do that. So, you know, be aware. Be careful. And I hope that helps you a little bit. Get ahold of me if you need to it, Dr. Tom yourself.

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