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When this course many many times i've paced this race in the wet cold hot and calm it is never a casual thing for me but an honor to be asked today i let down my friends my family in our our city and my company sorry does not describe it i wanna think our engineers for providing me the safety i know is the best in the world and quote so obviously this appears to be an honest mistake just lost control of the car but here's my question will this change pace cars moving forward why do you need a pace car i didn't indycar race think about it had he been hurt or god forbid like seriously injured or killed they would've had to cancel the race i mean that's the that's it it's over before it starts the indycar drivers are obviously trained professionals this guy's a vp you know at general motors they were just doing him a solid let him drive the pay isn't the pace car kind of an unnecessary risk putting on a radio who drove the pace car at the indy five hundred this year victor only depot you see too risky yeah i i think i would get rid of the between this is the first time i've ever heard of the guy who's driving the pace car to crash it like this has been going on for years right i when i was in that celebrity race i'm telling you at any moment i could have crashed into something correct i mean at any moment but you accepted that risk you went driving school you were a driver i don't know if you had a pace car an if you remember if you did or not we did not have a pay we started in one of those a pace car it's like an unnecessary risk it's almost like sending somebody out to do the kickoff in the nfl just three in that race right at the beginning i was the last position in the in the field is in the last row and donna feldman supermodel down donna fell lives in the last row yes so attracts so donna feldman missed a gear when when we actually started so i was in front of her and she we came to the first turn and she was a better driver than i was and i just waved her through i said go ahead i know you're gonna pass me.

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