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Yours. Head on down to Rory Rogers restaurants invite you to try that new gun on my burger. It's a juicy burger with jalapeno poppers. Tripoli ranks us project cheese and bacon and a hell of a hand. Will you come on down and have a cowboy can The dynamite burger at Roy Rogers dressed drugs. One dynamite Burger door Dash is available at participating restaurants Right now switch your family that T Mobile and get four lines for $25 align with auto pay and five access included on America's largest five G network, So don't wait, get unlimited and nationwide by G access to the whole family. Just $25 a line isn't a t mobile store or t mobile dot com. Today Texas in peace because Miss Meena just lower speeds and further reduction of using over 50 a month due to date, a prioritization video for unlimited well under network qualifying credit lines required capable device required for five G coverage not available in some areas may require certain features. C t mobile dot com Getting out of debt could be like climbing a mountain. But Navy federal can guide you to the top start things off for their special interest rate on balance transfers with our platinum credit card with great since I was 5.99% minimal interest payments and no annual or balance transfer fees. Conquer your debt in no time with flattened credit card. You're one transfer away from financial freedom. Navy Federal Credit Union. Our members are the mission. 5.99.

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