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At fifty eight percent Windsor com we're expecting a high of eighty four, this. Afternoon clear tonight with, a low of sixty eight WCBS news time twelve. Oh three electricity has been restored at a massive apartment complex. In east New York Brooklyn. After an early morning, outage prompted a significant, response. By the fire department WCBS reporter Peter Haskell on the. Scene at spring creek towers there was one talented here it's bring creek towers. But he says chief? Edward Bob says it does not seem related to the outage technicians responded and a evaluated that person and. There were. Obvious signs of death what does that mean so. It seems that that, person had been deceased for awhile Bob says the woman was an oxygen but it wasn't. Connected. To power. There were also five minor injuries forty six buildings here with nearly fifty, nine. Hundred apartments FDA white, chief Michael cello his crews checked about one hundred. Elevator we rescued somewhere around five or so people from elevators. I don't have an exact. Number on Vinson Riggins, walked ten seventeen flights, of. Stairs in, the morning you'll have any AC you don't. Have any your water the ice melted, in the frigerator right so Donald will. Position to have even? As the power was restored some residents were still without water Insperity Brooklyn Peterhansel WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty bacteria. That.

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