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But not forgotten one no come read should ever we let the hotline when eighty year old Edward Pearson pastor Naples Florida no family could be found is a **** worry was brief this veteran has no immediate family all are welcome to attend in the nineteen sixties Pearson was an army private first class he lived alone in a hurricane battered home news of the solitary funeral quickly spread his military family mobilized all the action should be on every day I know you will be remembered for now and ever more some fifteen hundred gathered veterans citizens from near and far as it should be wow it was it was quite an uplifting story when it aired and the way that mobilize himself just to be there for someone who who didn't have family or that people thought didn't have family if you said Florida right yes so I knew there was a twist yeah there's a twist coming it turns out of that listing four thousand people showed up so you know the people are good that's what yet that's your take away from this is that people are good but it turns out that he did have family and he had two sons Edward piers and junior who lives in Pensacola and his younger brother James who tell the story now that dad walked out on them when they were teens and they hated the guy and years later they they were told he was dead so they said they were shocked to find out he's still alive and that the that that they didn't even know about it they didn't know about the death in there what they're going through now is there hurt because they think all these years I kind of talk to find out why he did what he did and why we were lied to and they didn't find out about this funeral until the day before the funeral itself there in Pensacola this is in Sarasota that's a long drive five hundred mile drive there was no way that we're gonna make it they even called the funeral home and said Hey we're here we're out here we like to make it you know can you do it another day and the funeral director well you know says she will call you back what is that sound familiar it will call you back at the funeral director call back twenty minutes later with the statement Mister Pearson died alone nobody was able to locate any family members and nobody came forward and so we we we want to be respectable a respectful of the family's estrangement and we want to be respectful to them so they never brought it up so this whole thing went on with two people five hundred miles away fuming absolutely fuming so you know sometimes you don't you don't want to know the rest of the story yeah you know but this is one of those yeah you know should we even bring it up no I suppose interviewing yeah it is it is an interesting twist to the whole thing of the son's wife the old eldest son's wife says that he was deserving of a veterans funeral and she did want to discount that but this was an individual who for whatever reason convince people he had no family at the same time she says it's heart warming to see people honor veteran they thought had no one the world needs more this she says so she's turning it into a positive is I can't fault them for not knowing his secrets so the folded flag that you saw on the story that's going to be presented to a merry piercing his ex wife will in turn presented to her son who is said I forgive him for what he did to us but I won't forget but what a twist yeah a crazy twist is that in only in Florida twist I don't know of but it's give to the south yeah I suppose so maybe it's baby it's all that sunshine down there just kind of it kind of from fries rice people and why we are the north west you know that way were so cogent and and still together and Hoboken New Jersey a man charged with driving while intoxicated on an electric scooter how could you do that how can you do that in a few beers Indian so is that what it is that's our okay this guy on Saturday was arrested after he tried to ride away from police officer who saw him visibly unsteady and staggering while unlocking a scooter and he got the scooter unlock the Cobb said Hey you know gold up there he jumps on his scooter staggering and leaves down the street trying to trying to get away from cops on an electric scooter what's the top speed of those things if you're going down hill maybe eighteen miles an hour your cops can run faster than that you'd think of first time first time ever somebody's arrested do you why it was good we had that happen here I hear I've heard I can't I cannot recall anything which has a lot of weird things happen on scooters in this test service crash last week yes yeah I think the and now do you eyes are we gonna read think the scooter I was raised on a motorized I don't know is if you're drunk I I told you I was at ringside yesterday and in three people on scooters pull up and walk inside yeah and and they just if thing is they just park the scooters on the sidewalk that it made no effort to put in close to the wall or close to the building so there wouldn't be in any what bodies way would impede them or trip over them these kind of left and right out for maybe they were abandoning them I don't know only one of the valley to park them I don't need scooters two of a place like ring side really were they dressed nicely not me better than I was well it's it's a it's a way to avoid the own you're paying like paying for parking yeah well it's just putting that out of the bed and the valet parking up the up the street where it's free and then you write the scooter into and we feel like after reading a ring side you want to go through all the rigmarole of driving a scooter after that isn't it better just kind of you know you're just so happy and satisfied you just wanna sit the car and let the wheels turn scooters work day what what there's an only important story all Riley coming up here in a couple of minutes on the mark Mason show and then this NBA China kerfuffle this is getting worse by the day just see what happened in Philadelphia fans brought you know free Hong Kong signs and they were kicked out of the seventy Sixers game yeah this like though is like a class in sports management how can you make things worse but will get everything behind what's going on you because up to date on that whole story this hour as well stay with us Hey it's Erin and Harley owners one donation last week I saw a sign at a car dealership that's and hassle free pricing I mean really hassled I can imagine that so me.

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