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Baylor. Tcu sixty seven forty nine so the zacks or now twelve and with eleven double digit wins and the bears are eleven and now with eleven double digit wins as of this moment. Gonzaga's adjusted efficiency margin plus. Thirty one point nine. Four baylor is plus thirty one point nine two and then iowa is third at plus twenty seven point two three so the difference between first and second is zero point zero two and the difference between second and third is four point six nine in other words there's almost no difference between gonzaga and baylor belongs in the conversation with those two teams right now. That's what the computers say at least norlander. Do you agree with that assessment. Or would you put another team at their level or better yet. Let me ask you this would. would you take if i offered it to you right now. The field gonzaga and baylor or the field. You would take the field no question about it if you started the tournament tomorrow. That would be weird on the safety. Catch me by surprise. I tried wake up the text messages. Probably to be like. I'd be like hey we need you. We need you on h. q. And i'm like but my my kids are running around the house right now. What's going on. They'd be like well the ncaa tournament starting. And i did freak me out. Yeah it would and but at least at least this you and i both know that if that happened and they called to. Hq you could say. I don't know if you know this but you need sixty eight teams to have an incident tournament. You've got that in your back pocket. You're getting the thing. Some people don't remember is that only four teams make the final four. I love those little. I love it absolutely love. It was this question by the way inspired by my tweet lead on saturday. Night my screengrabbed. Yes because i was gonna clown you because y because it was technically incorrect. Use said that at this moment like baylor win over. Tcu and you're like okay. Baylor has edged ahead of gonzaga in adjusted efficiency margin but gonzaga will go back in front. Once it's portland win registers and win. That went in last night. They didn't go back in front but at this moment something happened today. That made them go back and front gotcha. So it wasn't as interesting. So well. The reason i wonder i don i don't know. Was it iowa getting a big win over minnesota that flipped gonzaga's number back ahead of baylor every result in the palm universe effects. All the other standings general with the efficiency margin. 'cause gonzaga's like thirty one point nine four and baylor thirty one point nine two. That's adjusted to the rest of the sports so it depends on what teams one today. What teams lost by. How many margins. That's how that's determined at this point in the season. So you're right. That's exactly it and i didn't realize i skated out on that. I did not know that was technically not ahead. Although that doesn't surprise me. Because when i sent that i fully expect taggart was cruising. I fully expect aga- to to win big and cover. It actually did not even cover at that point at one one sixteen eight. that's not a cover I don't know this to be a fact tonight. Dropped a trivia time on you. If i knew it but it might be since loyola marymount that you had a team score north of one hundred ten and not covering a game in college basketball. That's kind of wild but so be there it is. I would take the field that would be the smart bet. If the field started to teams versus the rest of the field the higher percentage is going to be the sixty six other teams. That are in the dance as opposed to those two but it is a legitimate question here. And i do think there's a real level of separation i mean at this point. What do you want to say. Baylor's won eleven games. they've all been by double digits. they weren't Neither of these teams playing games. That really you know. Flare the national radar. It was business as usual. They remained undefeated. Joel by the way had a triple double. It was the first that this was surprising. It was the first one in program history for a gonzaga show credits who he wound up with. Twelve points. thirteen boards fourteen assists. And he's their fourth best player. It's absolutely absurd. They're again they're just crazy loaded so i would take the field i if you ask me to bet i would take the field. I wouldn't feel good about it. If you put a bracket down in front of me right now and i just had to pick one team. I was still picking saga. But if i actually had to wager money and you said okay you gotta put five hundred bones on this one way or the other. I would take the field. Because it's it's the it's the safer bet right now. But i just don't see how anyone is really just in that conversation just yet the stats barrett out and really the the results. Gp barrett out. I know michigan still undefeated. And that's a great story so far we'll see what can happen this week. All the other teams that are behind him. That are in the conversation. I was got two losses although it looked good on sunday. Nova's only lost once. It's in the middle of a pause again. We'll wait and see. Wisconsin solid We just talked about texas Tennessee certainly seems to be there. So i gotta believe you're with me here on this Not that they can't be beaten. I think we're pretty level headed when it comes to this. Of course they can be defeated. Perish but there is a real separation here and what feels different about this to me and i have not gone back and looked at this yet because i really wanted to wait another two weeks or so. I wonder if they'll win. The last time college basketball would have had a top two that separated inefficiency margin by four four and a half points or so not just like a team that separate from not just one team but just like two and a little bit of a gap there. that's clearly what we got with with the zags and bears. That are seem to be leapfrogging..

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