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Of California must sound like Obama. Don't boo vote. President Biden hammering that same message is the clone. Of Donald Trump. Can you imagine him being governor of this state Elder is taking a page out of the Trump playbook, already making baseless claims of election fraud before all the votes are even cast. Standing before a field of solar panels at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. President Biden made the case for his sweeping infrastructure agendas currently working their way through Congress. There's a B CS Andy Field in Washington at Golden, Colorado's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. President Biden saying the US is quote blinking code red and must act today. Not tomorrow to tackle climate change. Here's the good news. Something that is caused by humans can be solved by humans. The president proposing spending billions to help reduce carbon emissions in his infrastructure bills. Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington The UK will be giving boosters of the Covid 19 shots. ABC. Stephanie Ramos has the details on their plans. It's part of their winter strategy. Britain will give people booster shot those people over the age of 50, starting with older people, health care workers and those with underlying conditions. The government says the primary choice is the fighter booster shot regardless of what vaccine was originally given. And Chicago based Boeing with positive projections moving forward. Here's our Lauren Cone. Despite the pandemics damage to air travel. Boeing says it's optimistic about long term demand for airplanes. Boeing says that it expects the aerospace market to be worth $9 trillion over the next decade. That includes planes for airlines and military uses and other aerospace products and services. That outlook is better than the one that Bowen gave in 2019 when it predicted industrywide sales of 8.7 billion over the next decade in the U. S. And around the world air travel within countries is picking up faster than cross border travel as the U. S and many other countries. Maintain high barriers to international travel. Lauren Cone 8 90 WLS news WLS news time.

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