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Was, passionate started pastor and when I looked in years old And he started to groom me cultivate the. Communicator in me. So I was actually groomed to be preacher teacher. You hear a lot of that even my worship, a lot of people say it's like you you prophesy teach in the worship all at the same time I believe you hear that foundation of. Teaching and preaching. So for years I didn't really. Didn't really start leading worship until I was about fifteen which I'm considered a late. And it just happened by happenstance we had acquire a group in a small town. We had a choir I was like the instructor over the choir I didn't lead any songs and there was something by Kirk Franklin call now behold the lamb. And we were singing that song at a concert in the in the guy who leads the song got in the minor car accident. So everybody started looking at me saying, toss you lead the song. PEOPLE TALKING So that night I ended up singing the song with my eyes closed the entire time my parents were in the room. When I opened my eyes people, they were crying people were in the floor and worship, and so I'm looking at my parents like okay there's this special here. So. After that, we really started to cultivate that gift of leading worship in, but it was I was a late bloomer says about fifteen years old..

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