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The AllState skyline. Studio on seven hundred twenty WGN on Jessica fans birthday he's getting a lot of. Social media attention this morning where you give out a cell phone so you can call directly here and if you're going to. Facebook text me to tell me that people are putting stuff on Facebook what does. That I'll check the AllState skylines Studio and the view is beautiful as you've probably heard us going on, and on, about but we like, it here. And we'll have the folks at AllState Lisa. Seen us at least has been on show, before as an AllState agent let's plug yours I where's your agency so I have two. Locations in Chicago at one at sixteen thirteen south hall said and the other one is at twenty five twenty one west north. Avenue you got into the business why because I love helping people and chilly I met the company, that way by? Working with a nonprofit agency It was always present and, that's the kind of company that I wanted affiliate myself with what's the. Number one thing you do. During? The day like what is the one. Demand you know you're going to have every day at either agency Coaching my, team okay dealing with the everyday everyday is different You know everyone's having different issues and things so really. Coaching the team and working with them at is not always it's. Not, always Iran and do. Something or. My. Roof is leaking no not at all No And part of what we do is giving back to the community and focusing on the various causes that we. Support look what a good segue that was not her first day we day is a wonderful. Organization you've heard Tom. Wilson the boss at AllState here on this..

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