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Next title studio this is news talk six seven kboi woo hoo gene gene this is handle on the law marginal legal advice all right i jane hide jane welcomed to handle on the law yes yes ma'am i am calling for game my question is how long is it and tell if somebody was arrested and something happen to them paul was incarcerated is the term seen some was arrested in something bad happened to them what kind of bad happened to that person gene well i i we still don't understand why you each case since she was in there and she was fine throughout she went as she was fighting his team saying it was too expensive for me to bail her out but i did anyway in a nurse called me after i hid went to see her after the second time she went to court and she was near there was no she was in a glass cage and there was a policeman scanning looking forward against where she was not even looking on her i get on the phone she's crawling all over the cage or wherever you call it you know antiquing or clothes and not counting the following them because i didn't i nobody was talking to my go what is wrong with my daughter and nobody really even turn around well that evening three that night they my phone records would show that a sympathy call from there she goes i am not a police and she asked me how are ones they say yes i am her and she said if there's any possible pancog uh i did not know what to do is this your daughter and we'll be okay and i'm assuming she said adults right okay and has no money correct charles by you having contacted the public defender to ask for a psychiatric evaluation get her gets the it it makes no sense that you have done that have you abad i've got her out immediate okay so you got mmediately so what's your questions she's out well luke oh all right now you have a problem because what you're saying is she's not gbs of being in jail correct how long was she in jail tune to to half week two and a half weeks and.

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