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His thing. Again we just stumbled across one of the pictures that wasn't prominently displayed during the summit with biden and putin. Oh really and i think this is an important one It just surfaced a while ago. They're happy couple. Apparently they spent some time in. Somebody's living room was held the sally. That's right. that's right are. If you're listening to the audio only version you'll recall when the biden's went to the corners back in georgia at any similar to that similar similar similar to putin looks like a giant in his buddy looks very rustling. So you guys are in favor of vladimir putin. no no. we're not funny. It's a funny picture. And it grieves us to have the american president Being crushed by the russian president. But that's what happened. That's just what happened. Feels bush them all around all of them. Did i mean francis mccrone pushed him around so it wasn't just putin it was everybody. The guy is you know he's he's cognitively declined he's aged. He's not sharp. And i don't know that there was ever a time with joe biden would have made a great world leader and stuck up for american had to negotiate american issues and enforce our policy on others. That's just not joe biden and certainly not now win. That was evident in the first eight times. He ran for president and lost I realized that this particular round he received more votes than any other president. history it's Still shouldn't have happened now. Yesterday we heard somebody mentioned that Putin had had called out biden's cognitive decline. And we said i miss that is this when nbc asked putin. Do you remember your last meeting with biden and putin said well. I don't recall her exact conversation. But i'm sure he has a good memory. Is that the slam. And maybe that's the that's the kind of a slam a could be or it might not be. It could go either way. Yeah it was in big you up here. we're being i that Hillary was on morning. A stupid show is with morning. Post them yeah and of course that their narrative is so wonderful to have joe biden all could redirecting the narrative into the toilet the russia because it was so torn down with donald trump. Was it in. What way what do you mean. It was torn down with donald trump. Bs destroyed that relationship right. According to hillary and good to have her back in back into the into the limelight and of course she's pushing the narrative that You know putin helped elect trump such garbage you okay. It was such an outrageous conspiracy theory to say that there were some shenanigans going on with the twenty twenty presidential election. But you can continue to harp. On the fact that russia's stole the election for donald trump twenty sixteen to hillary shut up made it his mission to deny her the president. You know his long history with foreign relations is eight years as vice president seeing what worked. What didn't work Watching the disaster of the trump presidency in basically giving a green light to putin to do whatever he wanted. What electric of course positive results. You'll see a month. Oh okay name. One thing that putin did that was outrageous. During the the trump administration deny hillary clinton the presidency was. We'll get to the green light. Did putin received that he ran with and just took off and kept hitting green light and just kept going. Don't know what i don't know Because some of the things that i think it was just what trump was saying right because they're still sanctions yes. He biden removed and the pipeline. Yes right which is so. There's two things that stood in the way of that biden removed the restrictions on that pipeline so by tries to talk tough yet gives him all kinds of love yes. They gave them all kinds of love verbally. Or at least that's what you would you believe that. He did the way he talked putin but really sanctions and the pipeline were no and whose family has made money in russia right. I mean that's going to be biden. That's that's that's gonna be hunters dealings. Between ukraine russia china all these foreign countries which family has the ties. That's going to be the biden clan. Well no keith. Because donald trump plant at one point to build a hotel in moscow. Did he planned. It no never happened but he was planning and guys. That plan was enough to i. Guess change the course of history. Trump may have tweeted. I don't know this he he. He may have tweeted. Putin's good guy and so we can't have that. I don't think did i don't i don't i don't think he ever did either. I'm just all right. Did she have more or was that about the gist of it for that one. Then there's a second clip. And i don't know if it's ready where she talks about how Putin worked actively to deny her presidency. Do we have perhaps. Perhaps perhaps we'd okay so so putin worked hard to deny her. The president and that's based on what evidence for what okay i i would think there would be nobody. Putin would rather have an office. Hillary clinton nobody because she was so incompetent and so worthless when she was secretary of state. Anybody remember this moment well for me yesterday when.

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