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It is the Greg beard patriots podcast with Nick cattles. We are live live, everybody. Of course, we've got a start Greg with the news of the day that everybody has been tracking Odell Beckham, junior. What have you heard about OBJ in the Patriots? So what I've heard is the Patriots are in on it. They've had discussions with Odell's camp, but they are not the only team. There are several teams that have had discussions with him. I do not expect a decision tonight. It'll be interesting to see if Beckham sort of pushes this a little bit. It could cause teams like I would think the Patriots would get out pretty quickly. I think they're the team that pretty much stays their case and says this is the deal. This is what we're offering you. This is what you can gain by coming with us. Take it or leave it. And they don't want to be dragged out because there were initials reports from like justina Anderson saying like it could be a couple of days or he's going to take his time. I don't think a lot of these times one that a lot of these teams want him to take his time. I think they want him in the building as soon as possible. I think the Patriots would love to have him on the field against his former team, the browns on Sunday. And that's not going to happen if he takes his time and we're talking it's dwindling weeks now, what is there 8 weeks left in the season? And, you know, it's going to take him some time to get up to speed and all that stuff. So the Patriots are in it. I can't tell you whether they're the favorite or not. I don't know that. I know that in all my discussions with people around the team, certainly nobody has come close to shooting it down. That they would not have interest, which interests me because normally if they're not going to go full boat into something, then they kind of soft pedal it. But I think they're, I think they're fully in, I think they realize the type of acquisition that this could how could help them short term and long term, but yeah, the Patriots are in this. Any idea how they feel? Not only, you know, if they're in it or not, but do they feel like they have a good chance, a slight chance, a great chance? We know they're at the table, but do they feel good about the chips they have in the pocket? I think the way I would term it is, I think they feel that they have a pretty good chance at landing him. That considering Belichick, where this team is going some of the the veteran leadership on this team, I think they feel like they're in a good position to land Odell and I think I assume they're pitch would be convincing. Like, look, we're building something here, and look what we did for Randy Moss, who I'm sure Beckham has talked to. Look, what we've done for other guys that are similar to you..

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