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That was my daughter she okay. You should leave the okay. She's okay she's fine. She doesn't like when. I'm not in the house that she doesn't like mama. Recording a podcast. My lord okay. Well let's do. The chart chats first up billy eyelashes happier than ever holds atop the billboard. Two hundred albums chart for a second week on top as the album earned eighty five thousand equivalent album units in the us in the weekending august twelfth. And that's down sixty four percent according to m. r. c. data. The album debuted at number one a week ago. With two hundred and thirty eight thousand units earned in its first week and that was the fifth largest week of twenty twenty one for any album notably happier than ever. Is the second album released in twenty twenty one to spend. Its first two weeks at number. One following morgan wallin's dangerous the double album which spent ten weeks at number one all consecutive from its debut on january twenty third dated chart. I feel like some people would think that olivia rigo sour would be on that list but she never had her weeks consecutive at all did she. She had chombiono consecutive. They just weren't her first. First tale right all right also in the top ten on the billboard. Two hundred gnaws scores his fifteenth top ten and highest charting efforts since twenty twelve as king's disease to which was announced only a week before its release on august sixth debuts at number three the set earned fifty six thousand equivalent album units in its first weekend also arrives at number one on both the top rb hip hop albums chart and the rap albums chart kings disease to a sequel to last year's top ten hit kings disease is nasa's highest charting album since twenty twelve's life is good debuted at number one on the august fourth twenty twelve dated list. I know a lot of the interest around that one was Because of the lauren hill feature on it because they obviously famously previously recorded a big song together. So people are excited about that all right next. George harrison's former number one album all things must pass returns to the top ten for the first time since nineteen seventy one as the set reenters at number seven following. Its fiftieth anniversary. Reissue on august. Sixth the album was newly mixed and reissued in a variety of formats for its release and all versions of the album including the original. Nineteen seventy release are combined for tracking and charting purposes the album which was harrison's third solo studio effort and his first number one topped the billboard two hundred for seven consecutive weeks in nineteen seventy one from the january second through february thirteenth nineteen seventy-one dated charts. It launched a pair of top ten hits on the billboard. Hot one hundred songs start his first number one. The double sided. Hit my sweet lord slash. Isn't it a pity and the number ten hit. What is life. Of course the beatles of which harrison was a member what who landed number one on both charts before harrison embarked on his solo career. No stranger to the charts you may have heard of them With all things must pass returning to the top ten it marks harrison's first time in the region since nineteen eighty eight when cloud nine peaked at number eight and it's also harrison's highest rank on the billboard two hundred since dark horse galloped to number four on the january twenty fifth nineteen seventy five data chart on lastly over on the billboard hot one hundred songs chart the kid'll roy and justin bieber stay sits tied at number one for a second week while weekends new single take. My breath starts at number six marking.

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