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Said in the group stages of the champions league which it against into milan certainly the standout before we get focused. Shall we on lanza against liverpool livable. Of course going into the tie having won both of their opening matches guy. Markazi joins us as the stevie nichols stevie considering. It's much too city at the weekend. How you approach his game if you liverpool. Who took for. I guess i guess i i believe both atalanta little. We're going qualify for this group comfortably and show. That means that if your clock and you say coming up you can afford not to put your first team. Oh i mean the other. Say that has no. I would suggest that liverpool should be thinking about somehow battened down a lane and stuck in with it so i i don't think phillips is available for this game so that means reese williams going to have to commend in play so i would suggest that you play your proper late You can make changes muddle the park and upfront but i think you have to get the bike lane played together and as i said well. There's a role automatically you get some cohesion gone. So definitely your proper defenders but as far as the game. I don't think it's hugely important for either site. I don't believe i actually maitland. Can qualify from muscat that gap from atlanta. Nice time to play liverpool. Yeah obviously a good time to play. Liverpool given view injuries that are there from van dyke to to for being yo to jaguar. Contra joe tepe and navigate are obviously coming back as well but They've started training again. But i don't know that would would risk them for the first minute. He wants all his options for the game at the ending and city The club's record. Emily against syria clubs isn't good. So if you're superstitious there might make you think over the two legs. But i think in general. If you're out there that you've had your ups and downs stood there they'll go go students robertson's as is day to day to room definitely out the beyond that they're gonna put out a pretty a pretty competitive team. Romero fit As well and they love the idea of taking three points off for liverpool at this stage meanwhile ramjet against some and was always going to be a big tie when you took the jaw. It's an even bigger tie gavin. You looking at how both teams have started..

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