Julian Assange, John Walker, American Taliban discussed on Laura Ingraham


Glen this week. Triple eight seven to seven cave in talking about the release of John Walker. Lindh the American Taliban don't confuse the American Taliban for good dawn, the American who is a spokesperson for L Qaeda, you might remember this frightening warning poll, every last one of your folger's security advisers trainers have shaved hair along. Your your land from. Two. One single American soldier or spy remain on. Considered sufficient -cation for us to continue our defensive jihad again, nor nation and people who awhile. Okay. So that's, that's not John Walker low. That guy's gone. We lost him. We lost him. And so little too quickly. There's a bomb coming. The American is in the vicinity protected. No. Ooh. Went off and killed him. No, there was no not enough left. Well-paid. That's sad. Yeah. Well, I mean, we found out today that John Walker Lindh a normal American teenager. Looking he was trying to find himself just to frighten. You join a group that were our allies, right? Hal about at one time. And, and in the end was was wrongfully accused of prison. Right. When Callahan with the wrong crowd, that sad. Sully do among us who among us hasn't? We're sitting here with Jeff in right now. Yes. It's easy to do. Crowd. So we've learned that from the media today, and we've also learned that is now time in case you were setting your calendars to this fact, it is. Now, time for everyone to switch sides again on Julian Assange was wondering what in the pool with so on now? Whatever you're on now is probably to go the other side, because it started off liberals loved Julian, Assange and conservatives hated Julian Assange, and then twenty sixteen when the Hillary stuff was going on conservative started loving Julian Assange and liberals hated Julian Assange. Well, now the Trump administration has charged Assange and now they hate Julian Assange, but now the liberals are saying, wait a minute. You're attacking our journalist protections. We love Julian Assange, whatever side you on. Make sure make a note for later on today. You're supposed to flip flop exact opposite side. All right. And again plan your next vacation from whatever position you're on now on Assange for about six months. And where are we on.

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