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Message from the california attorney general's office coffee i wake up with murph and mac pablo sandoval singled over the fiveman infield heard copes complaining about joe madden and his attempt to reinvent baseball cut the crap roll out next year next upbringing as on joe madden it really is you got zobrist changing gloves i covered in as game once in ninety nine in kansas city where they did that the morning show with murph and mac day six at ten am on knb are six sports leader found cayenne vr kevin branch true hoffer alan turns delivers swaying strike three vilely ghana with the j jeff so it took a while but holland gets his eighth strike out of the game job number one the seven really good performance from derek holland giants fall short to nothing kaga cavs beat him up now the river match is tomorrow the giants have the day off on thursday taking on the as for three games starting on friday right before the allstar break thank you so much ranking harbor kevin france and italy is the number coming up in the eleven o'clock hour jesse rogers from espn covers the cubs are going to hop on along with our man from the merck care crab mr crowley carrie crowley will hop on ozzy's coming to town and a couple of months i'm very excited about that ozzy osbourne.

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