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NFL draft set for Thursday night it's a dream come true for players they get drafted but also for college coaches who get to see their players take that next step in the NFL and that includes Ballan head coach Mike locks me is very rewarding to watch and see you know the key is that you bring in this high school players and to see their development three four years down the line and one thing probably more rewarding piece of me having done it now for twenty eight seasons is just saying the effect of with this great game of football can have more of that lineage in the future of a lot of these kids lives locks will be watching closely is Anthony McFarland junior possibly could be drafted and he also coached tour at Alabama who is expected to go in the first round red skins of course at number two overall on Thursday night Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson Peyton manning Tom Brady that's a for some they're gonna play some golf benefit covert nineteen relief it's going to be in may in an undisclosed location without spectators according to Turner sports in E. S. P. M. the reports are could be around Memorial Day but either way it's made for television and it's going to be fun Alex so that's gonna win Gretzky played all NHL twenty on Xbox on Wednesday night raising over twenty thousand dollars George Wallace WTOP's warts it's time for another data doctors tech tips anytime you're dealing with official documents there's a high likelihood that you'll need to have them notarized Ishimori this.

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