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From South Carolina. I spent a lot of the races this year at the Greenville picking speedway. In the car is resting down on the inside of the track against the guardrail. The safety crew is over there to assist him. They have not moved the car away from the physician Jackie lookback. He picked a pretty good lick of their Nettie. Indeed did. In fact, it move the arm kore- -taining barrier on the outside of the race track about a foot and a half. You know, they're well how fast would you say they're going to turn number two. Is they work in there? They would approach number one at probably hundred seventy five hundred and eighty two need to slow down about thirty or thirty five miles an hour. But then they began picking up speed as head off number two. So they probably back up to one hundred fifty five or one hundred sixty at least as they come up with that turn. It was a full speed lick when he went to the outside and it brought the car back down onto the apron, but he hit it almost wide open right about the turn to area where the sign has been posted here Charlotte while Presley has been back in the Pizzi chains the left side tires this time around and just as as I was saying the field. Go Bassein practice car sitting down there. And I don't know if he lost a laugh Horthy head come in. And they serve as the car that quickey perhaps had come down pit road in which stopping they were going to work on it. So we will soon he did not lose a that. He did change the left side tires. So we'll be back at the end of the field. Again, Harry Gant is back in the air. And it looked like they're pushing that car backwards, and perhaps headed back to the broad area with the Cheryl. Green enterprise, number seventy seven. Here's the leader. Dale Earnhardt coming into the pits and car number ninety dick Brooks back in they're going to change the right side tires on Brooks, car Earnhardt, gums to stop Gary Hart. Get into crew go to work on it. And they're changing the right side tires on earnhardt's car..

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