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Safeway come in and explore. Next update at 4 58 on the traffic leader KCBS Mancini's sleep World six day forecast. We do have a warm up ahead of us. Here is K p x five's Poul Hagen one more day of near normal temperatures on Wednesday before heat wave kicks in later this week. Temperatures tonight dropping down to the upper fifties and low sixties We'll work up to the mid to upper eighties low nineties inland on Wednesday, upper sixties and seventies around the bay with mid sixties along the coast. All those temperatures almost exactly average for the middle of August. A bit more of a warm up on Thursday load mid nineties inland with low to mid seventies around the bay and then Friday, temperatures reached the mid to upper seventies even if you low eighties around the bay with mid to upper nineties and some triple digit heat inland That's gonna continue into Saturday, maybe even Sunday as the temperatures go up. So it is the fire danger, even the possibility of a couple of dry thunderstorms on Friday to exacerbate that fire threat. I'm meteorologist Paul Hagan with your k P I x five KCBS forecast. Thank you very much. Paul. Traffic and weather together on KCBS case. CBS News time for 50 This portion of the news watch is sponsored by rank Central, the global leader in cloud communication and collaboration solutions. Better. Thanks to Tom Lippy and Kathy Whitman, for editing this afternoon is the face mask that you're wearing effective in stopping the spread of Copan, 19. KCBS is Carrie, who two SEC reports on a new study that found wearing a neck Gaiter may be worse than not wearing a mascot. All bandannas and neck. Gators, made of thin, stretchy material are considered the least effective face covering,.

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