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Good Morning, Johnny. Hey, Johnny. Hey, Hey, guys. Good morning, you know, just to pick him back off that last caller, you know, the Ronald Reagan and the George Bush Sr Pops politics for the Republican for the Republican Party does not work any longer. The the Democrats have put the screws to us over the last 30 to 40 years, And right now we're dealing with boys Joining girls sports We're dealing with open borders. We're dealing with defund police that Ronald Reagan Arab politics is out the window. We've got to have it in your face, type Republican. That pushes back like trump and even harder to counter these idiots out there. The problem Johnny with the Republicans, and I put myself in that same category that if Don says he likes a certain candidate, it's going to be easy for me to pick that Canada apart and find things I don't like about them. And in the same in reverse, Republicans collectively think that they're going to be able to find a perfect candidates. They're going to be flawed. Allen West test flaws Don Huffine has flaws. Governor Greg Abbott has flaws as well. They're not perfect people. They're going to make mistakes, and they're not going to be the perfect candidates. We need to be comfortable with that, too. Well, Donald Trump was a perfect example. Not everybody liked him. But we dealt with him and I knew he was the person to create change. And there was many things I didn't like about Donald front. Many things But I knew he was our candidate, and I think we need to get back to that. We better realize that we better get in the fighting mode or these guys are going to run roughshod over us. And we're going to lose this thing completely. Do you think Governor Abbott is that candidate? No, I do not. But I'm okay with him better than anybody I've seen. He's not that candidate. But you're okay with him being governor. Now, think about that he is and we're talking about the governor's race here. You don't think Governor Abbott is the right one, but you will endorse him. Well, let me tell you something. I looked at what happened over the covid over the last year, and I praise the good Lord. Every day. We had Governor Abbott, Okay, because he fought the system. Okay. Of course, there is better than Governor Abbott. But he's the best we got in Texas right now. And And because of that, I'm okay with both the men back in. There you go. Thank you, Johnny. He well, he changed his tune on Governor Abbott in a hard breath, Didn't you? Just just a hard me? Yeah. Just hardly started thinking about it, then suddenly liked him. Still a little dizzy? Yeah, disoriented. I think I think with this Republican strategist and the four or five calls we've taken on this issue when it comes to the Republican primary for Governor Allen West, announcing yesterday, he's going to run, and then he got Don Huffines, who has state Senator experience, and then you have the incumbent, Greg Abbott. I think what we've proven this morning is Republicans don't know what they want in the race to the governor's mansion in that primary, and it may be fractured so much that it may clear the way for a Democrat to win. I, uh Republicans collectively need to get by behind one candidate to solve our issues. If it becomes a fractured issue during the primary, Democrats will have power. Yeah, right. Right. If there's any weakness whatsoever, anywhere they're going to squeeze through. You're right. It's not a good time to to have division for that. I do want to know more about Allen West. I'm intrigued. I think he's at least he comes across his is a bad ass. Beyond that, I can't point to any, you know, accomplishments other than you know the offices that he's held or the positions he's held. But other than that, I don't I don't really have Good feel for what this guy's about. He just portrays a real badass, and that's really worked for him. It is 8. 51 and rescuers continue to deal with the weather there at the Surfside that condo collapsed, They took down the remaining portion of that building that was still standing. Kind of wobbling, and they were afraid that this tropical storm Elsie was going to be a real problem. If it rolled through the building was still up. They took that down over the weekend and actually created some new cavities where they've been able to search for possible all search for you know if there still was still calling this a search and rescue at a courtesy for the family and friends that are still gathering, hoping that somebody could be rescued. Newsman Jerry Bodlander is in Surfside. You got a second here? Let's make the connection with Jerry. Here we go, Officials say Sunday night controlled demolition of the part of the Champlain Towers south that was still standing has opened up new areas to be searched..

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