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I'm your host Ms Kennedy as we look back at a magical weekend wondering how many more times I can say that she does she stay in training next year can brief Cameo he works with sky sports racing he's got his own podcast called in the money players podcasts were going to do a crossover show very very soon and our Breeders Cup podcast is coming to your ears very very soon as well it's the return of Peter Four Natale hello my so good to be back and not just to be back but back from London usually I'm doing this early in the morning now to some in London it means it's after lunch I'm in the proper mind state which means it had a few drinks excellent you've gone for a couple of half bidders are presume for lunch and rumor has it actually in at the racist terrorism London and will be kept locked there until Breeders Cup not quite until the Breeders Cup but it is true that in Matthew have asked me to do these profiles of Breeders Cup contenders for at the racist Dot Com and they have changed me in the office today until I opt out six of them and did the final furlong so I will be able to be on parole when we finish the show and I'll attempt to sneak back to America well this is only a five hour show so oh you're fine you'll you'll have plenty to those profiles done we are also joined by the Guardians Chris Cook I welcome back to the show a friend great to have you on and off course skysports racing's at the races finest pundit and final Furlan podcasts legend it's Mr Kevin Blake Ooh you almost got killed twice at the weekend you were most trotted on in the parade ring by human cameraman and almost killed in a car crash slight exaggeration take me exaggerate no the the taxi was was a phone one jump taxi. Apr Towers they're at the half as yesterday morning about fifty yards and we crashed into a wall low wall to be fair I should have been a bit suspicious when I went out to taxi and the taxi driver was literally asleep at the wheel woke him up to that I woke him up and he had a big cannon monster energy drink okay no it was relatively minor low the he didn't see crashed into it and having made a very technical and professional assessment of the damage he decided the cavs find Kick on with so he get kicked on again so he left this justice just hang on a second because the metropolitan police interested this he left the scene of a road accident not a one character is just yes he did like the way Kevin just throw him under the bus there and if you'd like to go back to facebook to Inigo from at the races was doing it facebook live with Alexander and and Kevin Blake have a look at it on Saturday would have been branded about one o'clock and in the middle of that Alex has to stop the thing and of course it's live because it's facebook live and she's stop it and says something to the effect of Kevin you're about to get killed there as a cameramen just decides to walk on top of Kevin mid-sentence in the middle of his previous just come decides to come along and Trod on you the congestion in the absolutely empty escapade ring at eleven o'clock on the table unbelievable nonsense they cave obviously you were on Judy for sky sports alongside Freddie Tilleke and Alexander what was your impression of the latest renewal we've been having this essence twenty eleven it was the first time that they're the change to the jumps course they've basically said that saved the meeting that they would have had to cancel otherwise what was your impression of the day the position it's in the calendar it's always vulnerable to rain testing conditions it was great that they had the contingent and see their kings could have got a bit awkward otherwise the racing would have been at risk I think on the round course in terms of even being allowed to go ahead such was the level the moisture knocking around so we got it on I thought it was great racing it lacked a little bit of star power I think it's fair to say Bush on the day the race themselves for fantastic spectacles we got some great performances and we've planted look forward to what we saw with you to next season even I think and yeah look at sprint champion stay doesn't always necessarily deliver on what it's supposed to give its British champions day where one assumes the champ beans Ron and we have seen one champion perhaps on Saturday but it still delivered like reading high-cost Racing Really enjoyable ray say experience discredit atmosphere there and yeah personally I really enjoyed Chris deliver for you think Kevin Neal and the necessarily making champions with these races are all the title is there a there are so many big flat races are there in this country and that comes out so you just have to hope the good horses turn up and on this occasion I you know in most cases they didn't really I think in particular when you get really testing conditions for arc weekend fancy bringing those horses again two weeks later you know that was basically what they said that the wasn't it onto that factor I think one thing that might help going forward as if they commit to using ener- track just for all the run course races from can you just say well that's GonNa be our course champions day in the future for all that has been the hurdles back as far as far as I can make it worked fine on Saturday okay which is the first time it's ever been used for flat racing and it provided you know he was still soggy surface but it's it's better ground than you would go on the run course for sure and any encouragement you can give trainers and owners are not going to be turning up to race on the swamp is is pretty good news I mean I think the fact is you know this is the ground that we know expect for that day for all there were a couple of early champions days Iran serve goodish ground we'll agree UC ideally GonNa get lots of rain and it will turn soft and heavy in places this time of year and so even did freak weather one year where it was good ground again the reality is probably haven't been campaigned to turn up on that day because everyone's expecting softish grown which is a very good point at the atmosphere watching the sky seemed to be electric as well Peter so you're now a royal ascot veteran and ask veteran at that matter what did you make Champions Day in terms of my experience as a huge racing fan it was absolutely fantastic everything came together in terms of of the experience of being there and watching some top quality racing now when you think about the very name champions day and to the to everybody else's point I hear where you're coming from it's it's pretty tricky when you have a race that's two weeks after the most prestigious race in in Europe and the Ark and then from my selfish America part of the still think about the Breeders Cup all the time and with that coming in in two weeks as a potential target it's a it's tricky to to crown a champion between two champion two other days that are essentially designed to do the same thing but I think if you just take it for what is it provides a fantastic alternative and great end ABC's and target for a lot of domestic Brunner's from here and ends up being a racing fan I I I think it really deserves its prominent place towards the end of the calendar I I had a fantastic day out there and look forward to to try to many times more I was there in fifteen as well when I was living in London by a the experience of it it's obviously a very different animal than the royal me eating but something that I enjoy going to immensely and will target as a racing fan for many years to come a thoroughly enjoyed it I have to say and we'll done to the teams Sky Kevin obviously firm parts of that Long said Alex and Freddie I thought they did a brilliant job MC fits doing interviews I would have preferred it though admitted a brilliant interview with Aidan O'Brien Turku Gardens won the the longest cup which will talk about a few minutes time but I would have preferred it if mic was the one and not Richie to get Sean Lee whoa conduct because then I could have that clip to pay play in the final form of podcast we'll because it doesn't belong to US I can't play it damnit Mick Fitzgerald got that gold over what it means I don't mind that's fine yeah it's only the tenth highest grossing films of All Time Anyway the KIP CO champion stakes will be and with the feature race and magical who was beaten ten lengths into fifth in the arc only thirteen days prior to this race got back to winning ways she is real superstar of mayor but she's always enables shadow whenever she faces her even though Abel was beaten in the Ark this is the first time that Aidan O'Brien has ever won the champion stakes which in itself seems extraordinary but Chris it seems to me and we were talking about it on choose stay with Rushie and on Thursday with Steve Jones and rory champion the champion stakes for all that it is a prestigious prize maybe for ballydoyle it's a little bit an afterthought in in that position between the ARC and the Breeders Cup Classic Slash Breeders Cup Turf But this horse has proved to be good enough to go and get the job done for them and a worthy winner prestigious yeah I mean it has to be afterthought doesn't I mean you look at the best thing for the in stakes at about the time of the art I think you'd like a day before the art the top four in the batting stage we're all going to run in the are you know Japan is in there as well and others a new enable would have been one obviously so that's just the way it is when you talk class middle distance horses and they're probably GonNa go to long shot I aren't they and then case who's fit to go again and well it would be able because it seems that she's old boots what was this our is our ninth run of the year yes it was and it off in the middle of eight days after the grand national was her first run of the year and you know that nearly gotta be her best maybe upon short when she was chasing home able in New York but I mean she's holding her farm and it must be every she'll go again breeders cup I think she's fantastic I you know being jumps racing in principle I su- admire any horse the can be that jewel and can contain their enthusiasm for racing after all sorts of different experiences you know one talk class race after another one country net another one you d ground the last couple of starts and it doesn't seem to take anything off her she always runs a race Peter with a view to the previous cup she is obviously self boots she won the phillies and mirrors at the ascot meeting last year beating coronet she's now won the champion stakes proving versatility she was obviously involved in that epic jewell with enabling the Breeders.

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