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Tilden in the GOP traffic seven Germantown High. It's town I to 70 remains close to North bound traffic between exits 22 26 between hi it's town and ER Banna. The tractor trailer crashed on its side. There was a fuel spill north bound drivers diverted onto rude 19 and 3 55. It's a wind, Ian, slow reroute, but it's open. There were hundreds of drivers and passengers between 19 and the wreck itself that we're stuck and not able to move on that limited access highway for more than two hours. Obviously, that's a really disappointing way to spend a rainy Wednesday and understanding that's really frustrating. So some of you were able to use the emergency cross over about a half mile north of the diversion for everyone else. We can tell you that they have made some progress in dislodging the trailer from one of the guard rails on the right side. They've kind of carved a path down the right shoulder there dealing with the fuel spill on the right side now, and it's possible it's possible. You could physically get by this to the right under police direction, But we have not gotten confirmation that that is the plan. And certainly not no confirmation that that is eminent, but it is at least possible otherwise following police direction on that portion of 2 70 South bound traffic does get by tractor trailer crash Number two is on. I 70 it's overturn between Braddock Heights and Myersville but a mile west of alternate 40. Traffic. It's part of the right both ways in Virginia 95 north out after Fairfax County Parkway crash blocks the left side George Washington Parkway once spun out up the embankment south of Key Bridge believe you're getting by single file to the left Outbound Canal Road, a chain bridge. All traffic has to go to chain bridge into Virginia. You can't go North. Or outbound on the Clara Barton Park way That's a crash as well. Van Meter wants to make you help you celebrate this holiday season a brand new home Now through November. 30th van Meter is giving.

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