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BBM News time to 16. It's time for sports, and Here's Kevin Jack. The Blackhawks are inching closer to game action with the team said to play Edmonton on August 1st. With no fans in the stands, it's going to result in a strange environment. Even on the road, according to Patrick Kane, You don't go on the road and here they're playing the villain and teams air. The other team's fans are turning against You still fun to kind of have the experience and sometimes that gets you going along to stall. That's obviously something will be missing the plane. Siri's will be three games in the Hawks start the prep tomorrow morning with a practice session. The Cubs getting a scrimmage in today, Jon Lester getting some action on the mound. The Cubs turning up ahead of their first summer camp game, which is a week from today against the White Sox, who are practicing the workday charity Open title belongs to Colin more a coward who outlast Justin Thomas through three playoff holes to win with the 19 underscore card. You know, I got to. Really it started, you.

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