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What they called with the red Sox no that's a two part question it is a feeling they really want it with the first that is all in the sudden Sam Malone do you ever think too many guys would like now names such as well yeah all right today you know the crowd was going crazy for on the internet last night over the Emmy nominations is that Alfie Allen the guy from game of thrones who died a noble death to the end saving brand you know he was the last one yeah yeah yeah yeah I've got is yeah guy cast tree that is lily Allen's brother it is singer lily Allen people were losing their I never thought that that well I mean you know Allen is a pretty common yeah last name but yeah the she did some kind of a kid can gradually in her brother because I loved his character like the whole arc of because he was on there everything we some go through all these that I I just liked his character I can ever think of his name it was the bald guy he's the guy I've got is not Johnson the brother of yeah and he saved brand he was the last to go at the end you know the the scene in the making but yeah that's fully Alan's brother and if you remember the first year the game of thrones worked on the sacred courage he is along with many of the unknown name to people we gasped at at just how strange looking he was in person he really was they were obviously casting people you know looking as unique as possible you know big this size this site but then to see them likely looking like that and then there and he's in a tech CEO and he had kind of this bristly hair and he was leaning nervous energy and that is first and Alfie Allen Alfie Allen era so anyway that's what that's a little bit about how the internet yeah that K. I forget his character's name on the show a group something great joy wasn't it yeah you know he was in great great joy he's a great guy he was his sister was like the queen yes and he got castrated by that he might wanna seven everything the family law team at Chester.

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