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And studio a Rokon Anna davlantes really excited to hear your show today. Guys. Thank you very much, John. We're excited to hear it as well. Because we have no idea what's going to happen to work. We're going to be sitting here with bated breath to figure it out. I have a list though. Yes of things, but I just don't think it's a hell of a list today. I've just kind of anxious to hear you get all wound up Rokon. Yeah. Though wolf. Have a new governor. We can now say governor Pritzker because I love him. Is that since the election? It's weird. I go. Yes, right. He's now governor yet deal was really interesting. We had the Republican GOP Senate leader that would Republicans who'd be Jobe GOP Senate leader Bill Brady, famed guy ran for governor of two times ago. He he was calling him on on on Friday Thursday Friday, he called him governor Pritzker the whole time that governor elect, and we all said, yes. I'm like her very interesting. Well, rounder, I could not have gotten out of town fast. So it's Alexis, by the way. Although he was sitting in the front row today. So. That's nice. We also have our own thoughts. A number of things. Adam Hogue is going to join us talk about the bears choosing Chuck Pagano as their new defensive coordinator. And what does that mean? It sounds kind of like a good idea. Like, I mean, it does seem like this sort of thing of a winning franchise would want to go do especially since it. They take them away from from Green Bay. That's a good deal. But what does it really really mean? Adam Hoge has a theory about this. And he will share it with us and the goose island football. I didn't you love the video all of these guys who the lead sound like Kevin. Yeah. School tough conditions. Oh, yeah. Did you see the conditions who could have made it? It was like slushy ic-. They weren't looking. They were. A spectacle. It was beautiful. Security guard. That is an excellent point John. They were not looking for a winner. All right. Steve Cochran show celebrates those valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio and tune in grandview homes brings you Kim. Gordon's news, overcast and twenty six at O'Hare, Illinois has a new governor Jay Pritzker,.

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