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To tell people influence. But anytime I say. It'd be an influence. My Kid, we'll go. You're not an influenza. Not even provoked, he's dead. You're not influencing. The good, you don't influence. My nephew's three and my brother was playing mortal Kombat and he did a finishing move, but is it finishes. and. Finishing. On the three year. He sees finishing moving in the three year. Old Goes what the fuck. Kid. He used what the fuck. Forget you is your wife, 'cause you hang on my wife so much that she sometimes. Hanging watching with a friend, yeah, I was watching TV, and there was this girl got up, and she was naked, and I I was just sitting in an odd fucking. Eat that ass and I went. Oh, my God. I looked, and she was like what the fuck. I didn't my friend. As. Comfortable around. My daughter's. I do instagram stories as much as I do, and they don't like being involved in them why I love them. It will if you live with me as be exhausting. So sometimes I'll I'll start an instagram story. They'll say in the background of it. Go. Dad Cheated on mom. JOKELA, bugging talk, this story data drinking. Just. Here that. We got. Get the sound guy. Fourteen they both have their periods of you're asking. I didn't have better. Last month. It'd be. Useful What hair looks like. Period. Why was like sixteen? But then because I was an athlete, I didn't get consistently toes in my twenty. When you're really in shape you just you don't have enough. You don't have body fat, too. I was really in shape and I didn't own a body fat. Straight Yeah I. HAVE GET my period. Four. You have bigger boobs than I do now I used to be in shape though I'm saying now the Nice tits. Very Very. Minor collapsing. I I'm really actually concerned for my next special I'm wondering if I can do a cycle of steroids and just hard my tits up and get like becks. Or wear a Bra. Vehicles, special. But an Lebron's. Everybody. Oh, my kids are stupid. I broke my ribs a month and a half ago. And they gave me this this. The put on, but I was on stage, and all the did was. Push my tits up. The kings third daughter. Anna. You. Married my. On stage you, somebody pitches go down. was. It didn't make a rib he'll. Talking. Brigham ribs four times. When I had a period I bring my reading nonstop. Rodeo. No No. Channel that show you have. Got Mobile Mobile. Bolt broke my ribs then. I did a slip inside and Deauville. My stomach broke my ribs. There I did the volleyball game. They play in Brazil where you play with your feet. And I thought I was being funny. And I went up, and did a kick, and I landed on my arm this and broke my ribs again and I just recently broke my ribs How did I break? My ribs adjust were. They are. Got Hit I got hit by some. Recently and then was trying to teach. My daughter had a slide for softball and re-broken wait China side head. Being cooled and I thought I was like. Easy this is what dad does. Memory for yourself. Take it easy and I was like I. got this fucking broken again. That Harper was one of the grammy that show that show was fucking. Time, lazy for. How hard that show until now? Like with clips on the Internet like it was just like the one where you caught the football with the guy kicked it, and you got to catch it, and you had the guys with the defense is give him, and they know it was I was a freshman football player for an episode, and the so what happened is I. Go back I take I really quickly realized that the frontlines, not gonNA block right so i. take the hype and I take. Take a step back and be lineup the Milan run a touchdown. This is for the avengers Marina League and spike it do a dance for the camera of Laffan, and the defensive coach goes. You are all second-string. Barely have your job like this. And this community is blue, your fucking doors off I to see him leaving off fucking stretcher, and these guys walking by fuck. This man fuck us knows like these guys it like a month at a prison. This is about. The names. Get you Sunday. So part of. Sofa didn't one helmet-to-helmet shot where it knocked me unconscious and I'm on the ground. I'm wanted to. I think birds dead, you know. Sometimes, when get hit, they pupil at all. which is what happens when you die? Like. They were. Hit so hard. Their body was like we might die well. Rassam always working. I'm dead. Skin for a day and they got me. This is Fox. They're all the executives often is in the room. She an exact. The day he's there in the room. Executives in the room in a dominate Blair. I'm totally naked. She's trying to get my Dick Armey Mike. We're shooting a fucking porn. This is like. We can't use any of this. was just like it was the most. It was most. Surreal show that no one it just. It's too short three minute clips. You'll never work and I'm like Oh. That'd be viral. Work we find that person and punched him in the face. On the second season they went to the second season and I remember. There were like you're going to get bit by a Cobra, and then we're going to give you. The anti-venom Dory very same. Purse which. Is it was it was two thousand and two thousand. I'm believable. How well this show would! Bear Bear of. Great White Sharks out of the case. Was the greatest dominatrix Give Federal Hobby President of baseball wrestled. I mean I was in Fresno Baseball. They just do balls that me. FUCKER! Degraded show ever goes agree. I was going to what the hurt it'd be like he would get stuff from fans. People would ride as I. Want you to do this and he'd be like all right, and then he'd do it. It was a great show, and then had so many people come and go. We WanNa do that again and I was like I'm not that same kid. This is how you knew it was bad. When I signed the contract, my contract seven hundred dollars, an episode and I was like it doesn't seem right I thought we negotiated fourteen thousand and they're like the. You get the rest of the money isn't a producer, so you can't sue yourself and I was like. Wait Levi die and they have you that your producer part of the process. You're not going to see your own.

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