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To it now because you would turn into Mr college basketball before you go in as well let's wrap this up let's say so you like Wilder did not carry out the eighth round yeah we sent you okay stack ticket I'm gonna be doing so okay I love it all this is Brian I'm watching these college games I'm a big college basketball fan you got the believable call the other night we can see the whole feel of a so now you're one of the voices of the sport number one and like the scene all along with the fan base is like taking you on as one of their overall them I love seeing all I love the people of signal they treat me great it's unbelievable and I can't even explain with JJ and Joe I mean for years now doing their games they've never lost the twenty six I know when I've called their game are you seriously saying yes can you still okay because could you start doing subject games how about that but before it was something that we laughed about it was like ha ha I got it now two weeks ago I met notebook J. right comes up to me and said is it true that Seton hall is like twenty something out there yes you did you better not have your **** in this building when we play Seton hall did you know just the other day the same thing happened to be Butler lavall Jordan had to say thank you to Brian cruising although Britain's log you will now do the coaches know about it but I tell you what they they treated me well it three of the games have been decided by three points or less it really is it's it's unbelievable that when I walk into the building good signal I think not a lot more big just a crazy how could they not how good is it it really is I made a mistake what did George out we were in Georgetown they were down twenty and it came back and I can't I really can't explain that you're doing get ticked off at you with that what well like what the coaches when they see me everything all they just sit there they'll be more talk to me you know I got asked to do so with a single one thing I'm a little concerned about watching him you know it you will go date the couple into losses recently to Providence game the Creighton game and while you're not even great but Xavier when it will behind like twenty five points before he even turned around and then you don't it's almost an impossible hole to dig out of they got close against Providence a call to duty still couldn't get over the hump I'm a little worried about that going into the NCAA tournament Brian at that that that you know you could you do that in a tournament you're not gonna survive that I think if there's there's a couple things about that and I'll give you a true story I was supposed to do the Creighton game really and R. block my boss at foxsports called me two days before the game if there are data switch you off of it because but not a big game it is bill Raftery bobble head night I have ran of course that's why Raftery no god did big game that night and I got hit on social media by so many people from feet all day airspeed riders that have been doing that day we would have won but here's the problem Myles Powell said it best he said you know what after the Villanova when we went to Villanova and we want we really started feeling ourselves and we just felt like whoever we were going to play we were going to win and we didn't have a sense of urgency and it showed that in both of those days where there was problems with it was great and they got down early they had a really bad starts before they all of a sudden picked it up and I think that's probably why Kevin Wheeler told him he either eight I'm going to pick up the line up right right now my rotation and Myles Powell told me that before the game of Butler he said we play our best when we feel like we're the underdogs and we feel uncomfortable and I think that's the mindset we have to go even going forward here even if we go on another role always consider ourselves the underdog and consider ourselves uncomfortable because that's when we play our best listen Brian the along the fan base to fired up I mean it's the teams get a chance to win the big east regular season yeah you can do some damage in the NC double a tournament what kind of sealing the we look at is this intimate cable going to the final four they are because they have a size up they have great point guard play which is key when you get to the NC double a cart you gotta have a good point guard Quincy McKnight is phenomenal he won the best this man in the play yeah he did what he can control the game and you can make big shots for you and that's what you need out of a point guard and a mild pile is a flat out and you can see now he will he's an old how to play with these guys were at either feel like okay I will get big shot when I have to take them other than that I'm going to draw all the attention and dish it off to my to my teammates they let you guys make shots and he knows how to play with those guys he's a great leader I'm trust I would be surprised if he all did not make a deep run into the NC double a turn when I got to get a lease it to the Sweet Sixteen I mean it's it's a major disappointing see I didn't if they don't get to the second weekend of the tournament I'm I'm with you on that and I think here's the great thing is that we're talking about Seton hall and we're talking about these kind of expectation it is great for that program it's the main reason why Kevin Wheeler who could have went to Florida state in the off season decided to stay because he knew what kind of program yet yeah and I tend to be used in general is very good I mean all how many do you think how many teams are making the tournament out of the big east into mine I think without a doubt you could have seven it all depends on if Georgetown can deal and we had at least five of their last day if they can do that then I think you would have seven but definitely six well Brian Cena whole aside who's got the best chance at any of these big east teams to find their way to the final four is it crazy to me the team I've seen in the last couple weeks my goodness they can shoot it what if they're well coached I mean that was my dog course two or three weeks ago Brian but I think that cats out of the bag J. I'm with you Hey Greg McDermott has got those guys falling in you whether it's ballot whether it John goes guys you shoot the basketball and then they got transferred in there like Mahoney thank god like that who can play in drive the ball and they got a great culture presents to it when you can shoot it from the outside and get easy buckets on the inside that's a tough team they won eight of their last night I would not want to play Creighton at all I think Creighton is a scary team and J. right I mean it it really is is a five hundred corporation I mean every year yeah no that is the reason why he was there he would date because of the decade he just teaches you how to play and they go at their pace you're not gonna go at your pace we're going to defend and they're going to make you guard down J. right does a great job at developing players so to me I would say Creighton billing over the but the other two really big dogs in the big east besides the doll yeah I would never discount over that you're not doing the same giants game Sunday right I have I have Saint John's not this Sunday but I have think John gets crazy I think it's a week from Sunday okay how about how many more a single games you don't you know what it's my last week the whole game which they are really good five before the last one you did was the one that the one they just want to make this game yet yeah and and and big hit me on Twitter at B. Custer TV but if you watch if you look at my timeline is filled with speaking all people say Hey we want to have them do the rest of our day and of course if you have kids we want to give you a free to which it is all local because cheaper all Brian it's always a pleasure boat great I'm glad you're doing so well it's great here you and I'll put the offer to fight and we'll we'll talk to you soon all right J. J. let me tell you something you are working with one of the great if that guy was who stood next to me right now I can't see right now that it's been a blast and you've been a blast too so we preach at our end because all the lord break this to you in the family right there too but I meant they have a great Brian Custer and show times got unbelievable boxing schedule coming up March twenty and Showtime boxing special edition at port MGM a Los Vegas undefeated Louise Mary thirty you know twenty four knockouts against down Alameda in a W. B. C. super bantamweight title eliminator which is one thing about you bye bye good luck trying to figure out what that's that's one of things above you live about boxing out get all that you don't E. all day when I'm grown up yeah you know yeah the bantamweight yet the flyweight you know you had a light weight yeah I'd want the way you get middle weight shed light heavyweights and heavyweights now you got stupid is stupid at you know I mean it's it's like whatever way you want as a weight class on a dead space is crazy yeah I have you in prospect on a wall in the against Lucas Browne February twenty eight shobox the new generation at sands town live in Las Vegas top Mayweather promotions prospects Molly Calkins Richardson Hitchins and Kevin Newman they face tough test in boxing's ultimate proving ground at last but not least gel March thirteen shobox the new generation Brandon Lee against Camilo Prado city have a chill time goal since the boxes all over eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six J..

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