California, Governor Gavin Newsom, Dr Mark Yali California discussed on L.A. Times Morning Briefing


Sour Hoffer and here's your local news from the Los Angeles. Times today will host mostly sunny skies with I near ninety degrees in a low tonight of sixty one. Our top story, Governor Gavin Newsom said yesterday that his administration as fixed a computer database failure that distorted cove in nineteen test results across California the night before the state announced the abrupt departure of Public Health, director Dr, Sonia Angel Dr Mark Yali California's Health and Human Services. Director said the malfunction began on July twenty fifth and that two hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand test results were not uploaded to the database galley. Also said that all backlogged results have now been processed newsom blamed the problems on the state's archaic technology systems noting similar processing delays at the Department of motor vehicles and the State Employment Development Department. In Virus News Corona virus cases among children and teens are surging in California the rate for this group was up one hundred and fifty percent last month outpacing the growth of covid nineteen cases. Overall, the increase also appears to outpace the number of cases among children nationally, which according to a recent study grew forty percent in the second half of July. The analysis further found that nationally children with Cova nineteen represented about eight point, eight percent of all US cases at the end of. July. Compared with nine percent in California and although cases among children are growing young adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty four continued to represent an outsized share of new cases in California. In Business News, Uber and left were ordered yesterday by a judge to convert their California drivers from independent contractors to employees doing that would force the companies to pay for overtime healthcare and other benefits. The ride hailing companies are expected to appeal the ruling though and the preliminary injunction could make Uber and lift halt services as they figure out how to comply with it. The case was brought by California officials to Enforce Assembly Bill Five, which says workers can only be considered contractors if they perform duties outside the usual course of a company's business. In, other news support CABLES FAILED ON A. Bridge that's part of the California bullet train project under construction. Madera County triggering in order to stop work a series of errors by contractors and consultants caused the cables to fail further delaying project. That's already.

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