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But I have to say that for me, and I have a feeling for others at the top of the list is Patricia Patricia Arquette as Tilly. She was just mesmerizing. She's got this. You play. This frumpy whiny sexually manipulative woman had how did her casting come about? I'm sure you cast her. What did you see that in her from the get-go or were you surprised? Well, I don't see her that way person NY not. You know, she's a brilliant actress, and I think that's not a secret end. And it just from the very beginning seemed to me that she could have the rave Ray to disappear into this role. And and I never doubted per second that she would do what she needed to do to play the part. And so she was there from the very beginning. She stayed with the project as we were trying to put the project together trying to find a home for trying to get it setup for about a year. She was she was with it just stayed with it when we wasn't actually a real thing. And I known her we we've done a movie of twenty something years ago. David Russell flirting with disaster. And we played a couple in that at remember having such a great experience with her and her doing things in that. Film that were just so quirky and real end without vanity in any way in playing a real person. She just plays a real person you talk about a comment decency. You know, that's their failed. Patricia has as a person. She's a very very special person. She's very generous person. And she brought that ironically to this character, which really is not a very, I think. Evolved human being Patricia as and she was willing to go just go into it. And it was not easy for her. She had to she. She gained a bunch of weight, and she had to live in that skin for a long time as long shoot, and she had this process where she would come into it very much. I think without it was her her instinct in the scenes become into with her instinct, and usually her instinct was just it was right. And she gave everybody around her who she was working with the feeling that they could they could be a part of her process. But I felt as director that I was just sort of, you know, same to with in the presence of an actor who's so instinctively good that you just trying to sort of. Witness what they're doing? And sometimes if you give a little direction to maybe go this way or go that way. If there something that I saw that. I thought there was something to be explored. I would suggest it, and we would have discussions about it. But. She really trusted that everybody was doing their job. And that she could just go and take the chance she needs to take. And I think that trust that she puts in in the director in the other actors in the crew because she really is. She knows everything that's going on. And she would be aware if she felt like the sound man, you know, maybe like she would go like was the boom in the shot that one I don't know it might. Or if there was like sound happening off camera on somebody else's side of the same. When they were doing. She would be very quick to tell people to be quiet in respect with actress doing she. She looks out for people because she's such a good person..

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