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Padres leading the two one Felix Hernandez coming up with the loss here. I mean, you only gave up two runs. So I mean, can't really do much about that. The giants weeding Diamondbacks one zero Bumgarner pitched pretty well. Yes. Shoulda. So moving onto today's games, what are we going on? We currently got the as and Astros playing right now. That's in the bottom of the eighth both teams tied at four. You got the Mets beating up on the cubs right now on the bottom of the eighth eight to one Mariners losing to the Padres seven one bottom of the fourth. I'd say we can write off the Mariners as far as the playoff race. Cubs played a doubleheader. They're their second game. Now, like I said, I game they lost to the the Mets lost to the cubs to one in eleven innings royals. The Tigers nine to earlier we got the Red Sox of Marlins continuing their series. Trevor Richards for the Marlins going up against David price, Blue Jays versus the Orioles. We got CCC bathroom, Reynaldo Lopez, Yankees versus White Sox their nationals. Phillies twins Indians brewers reds, Braves, raise continuing on dodgers Rangers. Pirates cardinals Diamondbacks giants. So was going on in the league right now. I could check these standings and I should check these standings. I'm sure not much as changed since yesterday, but of course always good to look at what's going on. Red Sox six and a half up on the Yankees Indians currently up fourteen on the twins. Astros up a game and a half on the as the as takes night. They're only about what a game back or half game back. Braves in the analysts that four and a half on the Phillies cubs, four and a half on the cardinals six up on the brewers in a west. You got the Diamondbacks and Rockies tied for first both of the same winning percentage dodgers game back there dodgers doing well to pick themselves back up after a slump. AOL wall Carter, then we can go ahead and write that off. I think it's the Yankees finishing number one in that whoever wins the division between Oakland and the Astros I've written off the Mariners. I'm done with them. They were frauds all season long. I called it and was right National League while car picture, you got the cardinals up a game and a half on the brewers for that top spot, the brewers, maintaining that second spot right now up a half game on the Diamondbacks and Rockies game and a half up on the dodgers two and a half up on the Phillies. So that National League wild card race still a bit more wide open. That's all I got to say for that next we will be talking about anything else going on in the world of sports..

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